Stat system.

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Stat system.

Post  Zakreiel on Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:31 pm

I completely understand it's an RP game and that ultimately it's very hard to make a Bleach game as efficent as a DBZ rp game is.
However the perk system we have in place isn't right.

For example a Captain Commander would know how to use 90th level kido, he might not be particularly good at them or may need a LARGE amount of time to set them up but he should be able to use them.

Ultimately (and yes i'm only looking at it from a shini perspective) But ALL races should have basic stats which are END STR SPD maybe INT as well. Because Shunpo doesn't cover how agile you are.
Then you should have individual stats for the race. Zanjutsu (how good someone is at sword fighting and using the sword techniques) Hadou, Bakkudo and hoho.

Plus MF should have extra something.. Like an extra 2 or 1 on each. That way your MF don't spend all day just training but actually helping the rpers they're responsible for. If they have something that makes them powerful at base then they wont spend all day chasing rp points.

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