Lye's Zanpakutou

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Lye's Zanpakutou

Post  Darwin Blake on Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:25 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Hōgyoku

Zanpakutou Call: N/A

Bankai Name: N/A

Zanpakutou Type: Unknown


Hōgyoku: Is constantly released, and so it always appears to be a long, thin-bladed katana with a brown guard, it’s hilt wrapped in green and red petals that have melded into it.

[Special Passive] – Lye can replicate any particular technique, ability, or attack of any sort as long as these conditions are met:

1.) Lye has seen said technique/ability/etc. performed/at work. He can copycat more efficiently if he know how it is actually done, as well as what it does to the opponent that might not be visible.
2.) It must be within Lye’s powers to perform/do. If he has the spiritual pressure of a trainee and tries use Final Getsuga Ichigo’s Mugetsu, then he’ll die before he can even get into position to perform the attack.

Shikai Enhancements – N/A


Bankai: Lye merely says ‘Bankai’, and his spiritual pressure becomes suffocating towards those with an RPL that is 3 below his own… and becomes unsensable to those under his own RPL by 10 or more. No other cosmetic/physical changes occur.

[Special Passive] – He can augment individual aspects himself to extreme levels with varying requirements/costs. (Read: Even though he usually has ‘0’ in all tiers, he can possibly reach a lovely ‘4’… or maybe even above… in one tier for a predetermined amount of time.)

Bankai Enhancements: Immense spiritual pressure boost


Mask Activation: He concentrates hollow reishi in his hand, grips his forehead with his four left-handed fingers and hooks his left thumb under his chin, bringing out his hidden power.

[Special Passive] - Arrancar/Hollow tiers that apply to Vaizards when they are masked/FH can be altered by Lye if he is in bankai when he masks.

Mask Enhancements: Dramatic spiritual pressure augmentation, becoming able to perform hollow/arrancar-based techniques much better.


Resurrección Name: Nemeshisu (ネメシス – Nemesis)

Resurrección Call: Devour me whole,

Resurrección Type: Nothingness

Resurrección Activation: Simply put? His zanpakutou dissapears and his physical appearance warps slightly, his black hair becoming grayer and such.

[Primary Use]: To rip apart anything in his path at the cost of his shinigami powers.

[Special Passive]: Lye, in this form, can convert any reishi (spiritual material) into kishi (living-world material) that comes within arm's length of him, and the time it takes to convert a particular quantity depends on it's size, density, consistency, etc. etc.

Resurrección Enhancements: Unknown... because no one can feel his spiritual pressure now except other main figures, nyah.
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