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Leith Moon

Post  Nier on Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:10 pm

Name: Leith Moon

Age: 19

Appearance: This is her general atire (minus the gloves) Her Quincy Uniform is similar except it isn't lacy and its completely white. The skirt also drops to the ankles. Her Volstandig glove is not visible until she actually summons her unique weapon.

Biography: Leith was born in the Quincy tower, sadly her mother died during the birth leaving only Leith's father, grandfather and Jaiden to look after her. The Quincies at this point were a dying race, only Leith's father and Jaiden were even capable of fighting now. She was trained from a very early age showing huge amount of potential for battle almost too much. Leith at this point had no concept of emotions and was always cold and hard hearted, not even her father could get through the shell. She remained like this for some time easily surpassing her father by the age of 9. However this is when everything changed.

Her Grandfather fell ill and began to deteriorate quicker and quicker, his health completely failing him. Soon after he died and was buried next to the body of her mother. Her father despaired truly believing that the Quincy race was dead and that Leith was the only hope. Even then Leith still showed no emotion or interest even as her grandfather passed away. From this point onwards it was just Leith, her father and Jaiden left alone in the tower Leith still trained vigorously gaining strength and speed until even her father could no longer see her arrows. However her emotions only continued to sink deeper within her until she could no longer even tell the difference between right and wrong, it was like her own power was infecting her.

Her father flitted about her worried that she would someday just go mad with power, not even noticing the changes in Jaiden. He became more frustrated and filled with hate, beginning to despise humanity to the point that he even considered mass genocide. It didn't take long for him to act on this, unfortunately for Leith he started with her father. She walked in on them, Jaiden holding a Steele Schneider over her fathers bloody corpse. Something snapped right their and almost without knowing it she ripped off the Sanrei glove that she had been training with for years. Her powers immediately spiked beyond all rational reason, the air seemingly humming with energy. Jaiden didn't last long, his body was blown into dust by a single arrow.

As her Quincy powers evaporated she stood over her fathers dead body showing, for the first time, emotion as a single tear dripped from her eye. From then on she was alone, feeding herself, clothing herself doing everything her father used to do for her. With her powers gone her emotions returned and by the age of 15 she was almost like a normal girl, though she desperately wanted her powers back believing she could control them now. She studied all the old records finally finding a method to restore her powers. It took her the next 2 years of constant study and tests until finally she succeeded.

They were unstable at first, fluctuating between powerful and weak as hell. It took her another 3 months just to bring them under control. She had gained another glove similar to the Sanrei glove but different, it gave her a very unique bow as well as large amounts of power with no drawbacks, she liked it. However like before it was too powerful, she was corrupting herself yet again. The only way she could stop it was to keep her powers at their lowest point, only ever accessing the entirety of it when necessary. Therefore she developed a method of fighting without truly bringing out her weapon, even with this handicap she was more than powerful enough to match a shinigami captain.

Finally she reached the age of 19 where she spent a moment to pay respects to her father before vowing to rebuild the Quincy race..

Tiers: 4 hiren and 4 Reishi control/bow mastery.

Specialties: Leith fights with huge amounts of speeds and rapid fire arrows, the maximum number of arrows she can fire within a single second is easily past the thousand mark. However the faster her arrows the weaker they tend to be. She Almost never full materialises her bow only partially materialising it for less than a millisecond even then she can fire of a few hundred weak arrows or several stronger ones. She will only ever fully materialise her weapon for if she is made serious which is incredibly rare due to her child like nature.

Release: Have not yet decided on the Volstandig.

Personality: She is loud and always happy with a very child like innocence, however being at 'that' age she has a very flirtatious nature even if she herself does not realize it. However she hides a very harsh and cold side that is only activated when some truly pisses her off beyond all reason.

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