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Kanhara Tetsurai

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Name: Kanhara, Tetsurai

Age: 1.2 k

Appearance: Looks (by earth years) To be in his late 50s. Steel coloured eyes. A scar wraps around his right eye across his ear to the back of his head, disfiguring his ear and slightly his cheek. Clean-shaven (all over his head), athletic build and Stands 6,4 ft tall. Wears a black vestment under his shikkasho to show his correlation with the house that he headed before the Shinigami.


Starting out gifted or ambitious?
Kanhara Tetsurai was born into a respected family that lived in what is now one of the first districts of Rukongai. Since he was born with an abnormally high amount of reiatsu many of the Noble families (Whose houses once made up the majority of the space Sereitei now occupies) tried to adopt him into their fold. Tetsurai turned them down not wanting to be tied down into the boring life-style of the nobility but due to his natural affiliation with them learned many things from each house who each attempted to put their mark on him ended up giving him enough individual power to promote his birth house and retain his independence.

Hollow attacks in SS were more far more frequent in those days and the noble houses reached their lofty positions by defending the realm from the creatures, Tetsurai made a name for himself in such battles. His sucess in these times lead to his house happily bestowing leadership to him. They swallowed many of the smaller houses of the poorer families leading Tetsurai to be known as the hero of Rukongai an act which infuriated some of the nobles who felt he was taking credit for their actions but only ended up in distancing him from them politically. Though the nobles were respected and powerful, the houses of the poorer families fuled many of them and they far outnumbered their folds.

Tetsurai made many mistakes initially but quickly learnt and acquired a liking and knack for battle. He grew in fame and popularity and his exploits regained him the respect of the houses, wearing a black vestment carrying the vibrant colours of rukons houses into battle. Often he'd play second fiddle to noble leaders who saw this as him remembering his place and he gained their support in skirmishes. If Tetsurai represented most of Rukon and he fought beneath them then it showed a maturity of understanding the natural way of things. Though due to his increased support many of the major rukon families grew in strength allowing him to keep his hero status.

The war
Eventually a series of attacks lead by an organized group of hollows forced the noble and major houses to form a coalition in order to defeat this threat, when a leader had to be chosen Tetsurai was the most obvious choice and he gladly took the reigns. This allied force under his guidance organized Soul Societies military might into an army, deciding on the black shikasho to show no particular alliance. Lieutenants were put forward from the nobles who wore haori to signify their leadership and squads were appropriated to make sure an effective response would meet each attack.

This went on for at 20 years of slow grudging progress the group being nicknamed "shinigami". After a couple of eventually dwindling attacks, Kanhara's leadership was questioned as to whether it was needed any more. The houses wanting power back, Tetsurai had too much influence for someone who wasn't truly noble. A short while after the first invasion of Soul Society happened, The noble houses were pushed back from their centre stage of Soul Society to the out skirts in a series of losses that had never been seen before. Some Claimed that Kanhara had deliberately lost battles in order to remove the nobility from their seats of power, whilst others still remembered it was Tetsurai's command who had lead them into a position to be able to afford lax attitudes. Tetsurai blamed the houses for trying to out him and dissent amongst the troops. The nobles were forced to give power back to Kanhara as the bulk of Soul Society loved and trusted him, and without their houses to retreat to they were as much as threat from internal strife as from the hollows. Tetsurai pushed them to the outskirts of Rukongai positioning each house in 4 quadrants of SS to ensure that they not only couldn't communicate easily but couldn't rise against him through a coalition of their own. Eventually After a few wins and hard months back they had pushed the hollows back to the area Sereitei now stands on.

Tetsurai's leadership was no longer questioned and before the final battle he chose his own lieutenants with the blessing of the houses meaning he had full control of the battle. In this battle he defeated the hollow leader before a crowd claiming Soul Society back. Due to all people fighting under no particular banner the praise for the victory was heaped almost entirely upon Kanhara and his shinigami but Tetsurai knew if he didn't act soon he'd loose power. He spread fear amongst those he now held sway with that the hollows might do so again, and that without a force that existed to protect soul society and not individual interests eventually Soul Society would be over run. He cut his hair and beard off to emphasise his scar, showing that if the strongest person in Soul Society could be hurt then there was true danger from the hollows.

This lead to the creation of Sereitei, though the noble houses exist as part of it. Their members now part of a central 46 that helped to rule with Tetsurai as commander of the forces now officially named the Shinigami. Though he took the lead he was not king and still shared power, most of the shinigami came from nobility so in an effort to change that he created the spiritual arts academy where they would be trained by his officers in ways he chose, upping the standard of troops and changing their mentality, after some pushing he has finally opened up that academy to the general public an act which only inspired greater love for him amongst Rukongai but is in reality an attempt to slacken the hold the nobles have over Sereitei and thusly Soul Society. In exchange Sereitei was changed to an absolute Castle with guardians at the 4 gates closest to the noble houses, cutting of the public and only opening when needed.

Tiers: 3 endurance 4 strength 2 hadou 1 bakkudo 1 shunpo

Specialities: hand-to-hand combat. Expert in multiple martial disciplines. Uses his mammoth reiatsu unconventionally to allow himself to take more damage than regular folk.

Release: http://bleachodyssey.englishboard.net/t591-tetsurai-s-tssujite-shizui

Personality: Overly Ambitous, wrathful, strict and aggressive.

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