Tetsurai's "Tssujite-Shizui"

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Tetsurai's "Tssujite-Shizui"

Post  Zakreiel on Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:12 pm

Name: Tssujite-Shizui, The cutting spectre.

Shikai appearance: The handle spreads out at the back into two seperate tubes. Like a metal tuning fork. The blade stretches out into a zatoichi style blade and the length of the grip increases slightly to make the length more like a spear than a conventional sword. All of the weapon is charcoal black and has a rough exterior as though it has been burnt. The tubes jettison thin wispy flows of smoke constantly and tiny particles of blackened rust fall from the weapon constantly giving it a dirty after-image.

Shikai Abilities: Shinzui's edge naturally ignites the reishi in the air by cutting it so freely at the ridiculous temperature the blade is constantly at. This gives the illusion that the weapon is naturally a fire-kido type. The edge of the sword funnels the reishi down the weapon honing it's edge. The waste comes out of the tubes as smoke re-cycled into the air. In other words, the longer the sword remains in shikai and the more it is swung the more effective it gets.
A weakness to this is that should a fight carry on too long eventually the sword will have an edge to close to the back of the blade to cut anyone with.

A secondary ability is that the flames can be held within the weapon and breathe new life into it, causing it's shape to transform into a naginata.
"Kanhara's weapon had stretched out into a massive black naginata with the infinity symbol at the pommel of the handle. The commander's expression plain yet dark as he twisted the grip around the handle of the weapon that stretched out behind him taking stance causing the blade to ignite with the blue flames of before, they curled around it like a snake hissing angrily as the edge of the blade burned orange like a freshly forged blade."
This requires a lot of swinging for a short period of time, and if fighting whilst slowly activating this ability then Tetsurai gains -no- advantage other than a differing shape from his weapon.

Karite no Mugendai: The commander swings his sword in a neat infinity symbol once and using the tongs ignites the air where he cut with the waste reishi. Then he fires this attack of in a wave which is in constant motion. Partially physical and partially flame, it's an abbrasive attack meant to inflict a great deal of pain on an enemy in a slow judgement.

Karite no Yaiba: Only useable when the weapon is in Naginata mode. This attack requires some grace to pull of but works by powering the sword by carrying the waste reiatsu from an opponents attack and cutting them with it. Their body invites the familiar reiatsu along with the burning reiatsu of Shinzui which cuts them severely and burns them from the inside out. Usually employed as a finishing blow.

Honestly, I really don't think that there should be a situation where I actually use my Bankai in a serious battle. If you'd like me to explain it for consistencies sake then that's fine. But My intention was to only use it for maybe a spar or two all wipe.

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Re: Tetsurai's "Tssujite-Shizui"

Post  Darwin Blake on Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:11 pm

Approved as it is.
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