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Post  LetsPlayBOR on Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:42 pm

Name: Ryugamine Rok

Age: Appears to be 27 (Real age unknown).

Appearance: Rok appears as a young- man, with blonde colored hair. Haircut itself has a very unique style as he keeps half of it slicked down, leaving the left side on the loose. His body build is rather average and muscular, he is also shown to be quite tall. He wears a black colored shirt that tightly covers his torso and lower part of his face, elegant- looking black colored trousers. Sometimes he prefers to wear a black elegant- looking blouse.

Found a suitable one~*

Biography: During his life as a human, he used to work under a large, underground organization as a assassin. On his last task which he perfectly completed, the organization literally stabbed him in the back as they didnt need his service anymore. After his death, he appeared in Soul Society, despite his filled with blood past and currently he was living a little outside of Rukongai in a very large mansion as a pureblood of Kertis family. Later on he abandoned his life as a noble and joined with soul reapers, not revealing his past to anyone just yet.

Tiers: STR 3, SHU 4, END 2

Specialties: He fights, utilizing his outmatching speed, agility and incredible power. Also his gifted assassination capablity remains hidden deep inside of himself.

Release: http://bleachodyssey.englishboard.net/t581-custom-zanpakuto

Personality: Calm, silent and serious.
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