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Post  Ferin on Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:43 pm

Name: Melody Lunara

Age: 22


Melody is of average height, and exceptional build. She usually wears rather revealing clothing, but has recently forsaken this. She now wears a black leather trench coat, with a black tank top beneath. She wears skin tight black leather pants as well, allowing for increased mobility.

Biography: Until recently, Melody was an average girl... She attended parties with her friends, partook in the use of drugs and alcohol... Generally lived a crazy life. But, then she began to see things. At first, she thought it was just hallucination caused by prolonged usage of substances like acid, and ecstasy. But she soon realised she was very wrong...

She arrived home late one night from a university party, only to discover her home had been ransacked, and stained in her familie's blood. After dispatching two absurdly weak hollow with her bare hands, she entered her home... In time to witness her father be consumed by one of the beasts.

Since then, she met Leith Moon, the Last Quincy, and learns from her. (Lackluster Bio, I know. Deal with it. It's a summary, not a book.)

Tiers: Hiren: 4 Ginto: 1 Rei: 4

Specialties: She is quite capable of defending herself without her bow, possessing an uncanny amount of strength now that her reiatsu is capable of being let loose. She always unconciously draws on the reiatsu of those around her, making her seem as though she has a larger spiritual presence on top of what she truly has.

Release: A crimson colored reishi bow.

Personality: Evasive, yet flirtatious. There are hints of her old personality still intact, but few and far between.
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