Quincy Tier System

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Quincy Tier System

Post  Nier on Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:34 pm

Quincy will not have many tiers compared to other races as the Quincy are still essentially human. Unless they use specific skills such as Blut they will have typical human endurance and strength.

As usual, 6 points to spend, all traits starting at tier 1.

Tier 1 - You're about as fast as the average Olympic sprinter when you're using Hyrenhyaku. A bit faster than a regular Sonido or Shunpo, but anybody with decent training in either will be faster than you.

Tier 2 - If someone blinks while looking at you, they could easily lose sight of you. Your speed will rival that of an expert Shunpo or Sonido user, but they will still have a slight advantage.

Tier 3 - Now you see me, now you don't. Only the very best can hope to match or surpass your speed. With a bit of training, you can even keep pace with master sonido or Shunpo users.

Tier 4 - You're quite literally the fastest thing alive. You will easily be faster than an expert Shunpo or Sonido user, and will be slightly faster than a master. With training, anything other than another trained master Hirenhyaku user will be eating your dust.

Ginto Skill:
Tier 1 - You have a difficult time actually triggering Ginto skills. It takes more Reishii/Reiatsu to actually use them than it probably should. You're much better off using other methods of attack.

Tier 2 - You're a normal Quincy playing with his Ginto tubes. Your Ginto abilities are similar to a regular Shinigami's Kido skill. They're still far from being the strongest thing out there, though.

Tier 3 - You are quite adept at using Ginto. It takes very little time for you to make use of your skills. Your Ginto are fast and powerful, but still beatable.

Tier 4 - As soon as you hold up a Ginto tube, it's game over for most opponents. Your Ginto can challenge high-level Kido and Ceros if used right. You are still limited, however, by the amount of tubes you carry on your person, so don't get too trigger-happy with them.

Reiatsu/Reishii (Bow mastery/spirit weapon mastery) Control:
Tier 1 - Your arrows are pretty weak. You can maybe set a campfire or someone's clothes on fire with them, but don't expect them to do too much damage individually.

Tier 2 - Your arrows are about average for a Quincy. They're more painful than regular arrows, even stronger than most low-level Hado spells. They're still not as strong as an average Cero, though, so don't expect to counteract one of those unless you put all your Reiatsu into one arrow.

Tier 3 - You're pretty damn good when it comes to working with Reiatsu and Reishii. You can quickly create a handful powerful arrows or countless weaker arrows with ease.

Tier 4 - Very few can stand up to your Quincy might. Your arrows can take out a large truck with ease. Only master level Kido have any hope of defeating your arrows. The strongest Ceros have a good chance of outpowering you though.

Potential stat allocations, with the stats in no real order:

a) 3-3-3
b) 4-3-2
c) 4-4-1

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