Custom Zanpakuto.

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Custom Zanpakuto.

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:09 pm

Youkai (妖怪, "Specter"): The Zanpakutō's form is a short, regular katana. The tsuba has ring shape with several spikes coming out of it and a black handle. Its release command is "Arise within nocturnal" (夜行性の内に起こる, yakousei no nai ni oko ru).

Shikai: In its Shikai, Youkai appears to be a pair of black daggers, with golden colored design that covers the tsuba, centre part of the handle and the blade. The daggers are slightly curved. Youkai's abilities are also based on stealth as upon shikai activation Youkai masks user's spiritual pressure completely, making him a very dangerous enemy due his opponents only chance to spot him is their rely on sight and even if that is gone, then he will be just like a Specter. Youkai is darkness- type zanpakutõ.

Doppelganger Illusions: The user can utilize darkness to manifest multiple copies of himself, with the combination of Youkai's passive ability of masking his spiritual pressure, opponents may find it difficult to find out which one is real, which makes this ability far more deadly in comparison. This ability is unnamed, the maximum number of clones is ten. They are capable of dealing damage and they vanish upon reciving it.

Gisou (偽装, camouflage): By utilizing darkness to erase himself from opponent's vision, the user completely blends into surroundings, making it impossible to see him and track down with sensor- type abilities. The only way to trigger off this ability is to wound him.

Noroi (呪い, curse): Many opponents would mind to recive hit from such small weapon like dagger, but the true trick lies within their ability to prevent regeneration. Any wound delivered by the daggers is unable to regenerate, even if the opponent's regenerative powers are great. This ability wears off with time, which would be exactly 24 hours. Untill that time, they cannot rely on regeneration.

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Re: Custom Zanpakuto.

Post  Darwin Blake on Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:22 pm

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