Tsuruchi, Yuri

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Tsuruchi, Yuri

Post  Lacey_Case on Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:08 pm

Zanpakutou: Gosai no Oni (Red Ogre)
Gender: Female
Form: Katana

Shikai: Wake up, Gosai no Oni. (Red Ogre)

Form: Double Halberd (Axe/Hammer head at each end)

Default Power: Physical Strength increased, nothing else has changed.

Ability 1: Nokogiri (Buzz Saw)}
The Halberd is twirled rapidly and released in a throw, axe blades down, striking with forward momentum and cutting blades, like a buzz saw. The Halberd generates it's own Subjective Directional Gravity in order to return to Yuri.

Ability 2: Fumiwakeru (Beast Press)} The Halberd uses Subjective Directional Gravity to remain attached to Yuri's palms by the pole and to spin itself rapidly while her hand it open. Yuri is free to put all her physical strength into a forward rush with her legs and to brace her arm with the other. Her fan blade motion of the attack provides good defense as well as cover for movement forward in most cases. She attempts to use this ability when the foe is between her and a hard place. The weight of the weapon and rate of spin makes it almost impossible to push back with a weapon or hands and results usually look like the poor hollow got sent through a wood chipper- being pinned to a wall with the hammer and axe heads of going to town on them.

Ability 3: Hitoare (Burst of Rage)}
Yuri goes into a brief blitz of rage. Her speed spikes and her physical strength increases even more then before. She makes no move to preserve or protect herself, only kill obvious enemies or anyone else if they attempt to stop her. She will willingly allow herself to be injured if it will leave the enemy open for her own attack. She will also go through things, rather then around, to keep up with her target- be it people, place, or thing.

Bankai: Bankai. Shinku Gosai no Oni. (Crimson Demon)
Form: Double Halberd (Axe/Hammer head at each end)

Default Power:
Shinku Gosai no Oni and Yuri blend, not unlike Hitsugaya and his own. Her skin becomes red, her iris become yellow, and her hair becomes various shades of orange. Her fingers and toes grow claws and she has a prehensile tail with barbs along it and her back. This form gives her the speed and strength of the evil spirits of legend, the Oni. Her speed and strength are even higher then when using Hitoare in Shikai. Raw power, vicious speed, deadly spines, and a Double Halberd make her fearsome in melee combat.

Ability 1: Nokogiri (Buzz Saw)}
The weapon can use the same gravity effect it uses to return to home in and track enemies, forcing them to attempt to block it or trick it into striking something else.

Ability 2: Fumiwakeru (Beast Press)}
This ability now generates harsh gusts of wind, such is the speed and power of it's momentum. It's defensive ability is increased due to this being able to blow away some attacks and it can be used offensively to blow foes into dangerous areas or to outright pin them to a wall with force of wind.

Ability 3: Hitoare (Burst of Rage)}
Yuri goes entirely berserk when this is used in Bankai. She is unable to tell friend from foe and cannot use it with many people around because of this. Unlike in Shikai, she cannot end this ability until a blow is struck to at least someone.

Ability 4: Sebone Jinkouu (Rain of Needles)}
Yuri is able to flick her tail in order to launch spines from it at a target. She may also launch them from her back with little effort, or leave them behind in the skin with tail strikes or squeezes. The spines are extremely painful- they are covered in little stinging hairs that bristle about in the wound and the tips of each are barbed, making them difficult to pull out. The hairs can come off, even if the spine is pulled out, and without medical attention will cause not only lasting pain, but could fester and cause infection in someone that could contract a disease. They grow back shortly after coming away from her.

Ability 5: Houshin Enten (Blistering Heat)} Yuri is quite capable of belching clouds of radiant heat. Not fire. Radiant Heat is the heat energy that comes off fire. It's what would burn up the earth before it ever got near the sun, what would kill you before the lava ever reached you, and what scorches the lungs of fire fighters. With a deep breath and a forward press of air, the cloud emits from her mouth. It is invisible save that the air wavers like any hot, summer day, above the road or above your grill. The rolling cloud seeps forward and out like a dust cloud, roiling and climbing up and down stairs like a rush of steam. The radiant heat is enough to blister flesh, ignite flammable substances, melt ice, boil water, and seriously damage the eyes, lungs, and other sensitive parts if exposure is lengthy. The heat fades rapidly the colder the air is- because it is radiant heat and the energy is sapped by the air. If it is a hot or dry place, or has a neutral climate, then the heat can linger for minutes.

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Re: Tsuruchi, Yuri

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