Exors Custom Ress

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Exors Custom Ress

Post  Exorbital on Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:22 am

Resurrección Name: Raino no Hon

Resurrección Call: Destroy

Resurrección Activation Description: Exor would normally have his mask on his forehead almost like a headband, but once his ress activates, his mask becomes just like Yammys original mask. The teeth are just as big. Also normally Exor weighs about 120 pounds, and has little to no muscle. In his ress, he gains two feet, and roughly one-hundred pounds of muscle. He turns into a complete beast. Lastily his zanpaktou in transformed into a pure white drill on his right arm about two feet big, and one foot wide.

Resurrección abilities:

Seishin Doriru: Exors drill on his right arm begins to glow a redish color. It consumes the whole drill, and the only way to fire it is to push his arm out like he is trying to punch something. This skill is the same strength as Exors Cero tier skill, but is also as fast as his Bala.

Weakness: This skill has cooldown of five RP's which really only means Exor could use it three times in a fight at MAX. This skill can also not be used at the same time as Sutonpugurēto which will be described below...

Sutonpugurēto: Exors foot is consumed by a yellowish color. He can bring his foot up as high as possible, and smash it down on the ground. This causes his opponent to momentarily lose their balance or if their 5 RPs below Exor, they would normally fall down. This shockwave reaches out to about 100 feet.

Weakness: Exor is vulnerable while his foot is in the air. This means an enemy is able to push him over quite easily if they are fast enough. Also this skill cannot be used on the sand in Hueco Mundo or water. Only on a solid ground.

Enchacements: Exors Hierro is barely increased, but his strength is increased by a little more. Nothing to big.[i]


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Re: Exors Custom Ress

Post  Darwin Blake on Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:38 am

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