Prae Athim

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Prae Athim

Post  Lacey_Case on Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:27 am

Ress Name: Inanición (Starvation)
Ress Call: Wither

Released Appearance:
Onced released, several things happen to Prae's physical form. To start with, Prae's hole is just below her ribs, where her stomach would normally be. This means she simply lacks the organ. When released, a single point of floating black energy appears in the center of this hole. Prae's facial mask extends up to entirely cover her mouth. She can not speak now, her mouth is entirely pinned shut. Finally, she appears physically starved. Each bone, her pulse, and even some organs can be seen on her skeletal form. It looks like someone slung wet, white paper over a skeleton. Even her eyes are sunken in.

(Passive) Prae cannot use Cero or any form of energy attack other then Purge in this form.

(Passive) The pin point of black light in the center of her hollow hole attracts and consumes any and all forms of projectile energy, matter, or elements. Beams, rays, waves, balls, whatever. These things are compressed infinitely and vanish into the hole, never to be heard from again until released. If a physical attack is sheathed in energy or an element, the holes strips and consumed this moments before impact. If physical matter touches the pin point of energy, it is also absorbed, be it a hand, a thrown weapon, or some other material. It is possible for Prae to deplete a body of water by laying at the bottom of it, as an example. Prae cannot suppress this or choose who it effects, meaning her allies ranged attacks will be drawn in as well, regardless of target. Her allies or enemies energy melee attacks will not be drawn in unless targeting Prae.

Purge Prae is starvation. The energy and objects drawn into her hole do not benefit her in the least. In fact, the sensation of storing these things is revolting, though the amount that can be stored is limitless. At any time Prae can release all stored attacks at once in one violent, physically stressing purge. When this happens, the pin point of energy grows to the size of a fist and turns white.

All attacks are released after being compounded. All energy, elements, and matter after released as non-elemental, black energy. The speed of this attack is the speed of the fastest attack absorbed. The power is a combination of all accumulated energies. Similar to a black Cero in appearance but nothing like it in nature. This attack is not absorbed by her passive ability.

Enhancements: Prae's natural Tier 3 healing ability becomes more potent, but not equivalent to Tier 4. Prae's natural Cero Tier 1 ability is negated entirely and cannot be used at all. Prae's natural speed, defense, and strength do not increase at all.

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Re: Prae Athim

Post  Darwin Blake on Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:37 am

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