Lock Report on new hollow race - code named "Demi-Arrancars"

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Lock Report on new hollow race - code named "Demi-Arrancars"

Post  Ranju on Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:04 pm

Race Name: Demi-Arrancars

OOC Description: Demi-Arrancars are made to be the "Kidouless" of the hollow race. The race is basically humans who gain hollow powers and traits, through they can choose to seal them or activate them, again like the kidouless. There needs to be a Arrancar or hollow that leads and recruits them.

Description: These are spiritual-aware humans that somehow manage to gain, or be forced to have, hollow-like traits and powers. The most common way of this happening is being infected by the "Hollow conversion virus", a virus that slowly infects the cells of the host, allowing the infected cells to gather and store reiatsu. The reiatsu that is stored in the cells becomes taint like a hollows which, along with the virus, slowly corrupts the host's body to a hollow-like state.

The first sign of the virus is a small tattoo-like marking that suddenly forms onto the hosts skin, and thanks to the ever-evolving virus, almost never appears in the same place or in the same shape on two different hosts. This is the infection stage of the virus, where it rushes to infect as many cells of the host that it can and not so much on actually converting them to a more reiatsu manageable state. As a result, most host do not know that anything is wrong with them until a later stage, though there have been reports of this hosts in this stage being able to fire very weak cero-type projectiles and having increased strength and endurance then normal humans.

Once the majority of the host's body has been infected with the virus, it enters the incubation stage. Although it is called the incubation stage, the name is misleading as the virus still infects, though at a lower rate then before, and converts cells. The tattoo grows larger on the host's body, and the host's eyes change as the iris turns bright gold, almost seemingly glowing, and the pupils become slitted. The host also gains a hollow trait, like a tail, wing, tusks, part of a mask, and many more, usually in the form of a weapon. They can hide the trait by using clothing and/or other utensils.

Cases report that the host has marginally more power, in stamina, endurance, and strength, then their normal human counterparts in the second stage. Some rumors state that they are able to utilize a weaken version of Cero and Sonido, though definite evidence on it has not been found. A hollow spiritual pressure can be sensed from the hosts at this stage, though it is usually hard to pinpoint to one person when in a crowd or even alone. *Side note- Must develop better sensors if we are to continue to observe this stage. The hosts are easily able to blend in with normal humans visually, and are unable to be located by any other means.- End side note*

The third stage is the one we have the least evidence on, out of all of them. The virus has reached the conversion stage, and has infected the majority, if not all, of the host's cells. The virus hardens the reiatsu, allowing a hollow-mask-like substance to come out of the host's tattoo and forming...something upon the body. This seems to regulate them to a caste race, for the object that forms can usually tell a observer what they specialize in. It seems that the host's body has accepted the converted cells, as the body shifts to a more hollow like state, usually completing the trait they had gained in the second stage, though still managing to retain a humanoid state.

These are the true "Demi-Arrancars" out of the entire stage, if the surviving field agents that managed to crawl back and report are to be believed. The hosts have gained full control over hollow abilities, forming a hierro along with gaining the normal cero we have learned to expect from Arrancars. Also, the hosts' strength is easily above human level, even on par with normal Arrancars, and some have developed the ability to use sonido to its fullest extent. The hollow spirit pressure that comes from the host is now easily more hollow then human, and thus are easily sense-able in a large radius. *Side note- Although easier to detect, two full combat teams should be sent in to engage one. This has been changed for the reason that after the sixth combat team we sent out alone has not reported back, combat personal were starting to run low. - End side note*

Rumors are abound about a fourth state, which has been nicknamed "Demi-Vasto". The rumors state that the Demi-Vasto have become a full hollow, or at least nearly full hollow. Their combat abilities have not been recorded, if they do exist that is, and so if a team does manages to find one, the recommended action is to leave one team member behind to observe while the rest of the squad assaults the Demi-Vasto. If this stage does exist, we need to see how far they have evolved. *Side note- Try to capture a stage two or three alive. And if these Demi-Vastos actually exist, then one of them also. Research on the hollow conversion virus will go a long way if we manage to gain a live specimen or two. I might be able to field prototype Demi-Arrancar soliders in a few months of getting one.-Signed Lead Professor X, end side note*

Commander J****r Report- They seem to not have High speed regeneration like normal Arrancars. It seems like the human bodies are not capable of reproducing cells that fast, and are unable to keep up with the high speed regeneration we have assocated to Arrancars. Though not a large weakness, any injury we inflict on them will stay there until their human bodies have healed. Also, it seems that the virus makes the hosts hunger after souls. They need to feed every now and then, or risk becoming feral and attacking randomly at the nearest spiritual source. This does not seem to be the normal hollow hunger though, as they are able to constrain themselves from eating every soul in sight, though the instincts are the most suppressed after recently feeding.

Right, its unfinished right now, but I want people to comment on it and give ideas for it. Sorry if anything is confusing or unexplained, will try to fix it as it is brought up.

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Re: Lock Report on new hollow race - code named "Demi-Arrancars"

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:24 pm

Cooooooooool XD human-hollows who live in society. Looks cool.
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Re: Lock Report on new hollow race - code named "Demi-Arrancars"

Post  kabumpe on Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:39 pm

Putting it on a more objective way, for OOC refererence, this is what happens:

There are four forms, first would be normal form which would be the equal to a kioudless' physical form the tattoo is based on each hollow case and is entirely mutable, normally has something to do with the type of hollow they are.

The second form would be equal to a kidouless' spirit form, in which the host gains small hollow traits, as stated in the previous post, and is able to use a nerfed sonido which equals to a shunpo speed, they also gain a form of attack depending on what kind of hollow they are, like claws, spiked tails, and such.

Third form is the equal of shikai, the user is partially covered in hollow bone substance and gains hollow their full hollow traits, meaning they gain their special abilities, just like in shikai, they are able to use hierro, full sonido, and full strength cero.

The fourth form is the form that takes them to their full hollow form, giving them a vasto lorde appearance. It is correspondent to bankai, and will improve their previous hollow skills and general physical abilities, just like a shinigami's bankai.

When a human is turned into a demi arrancar they need to control their hollow instincts, instead of having to fight an inner hollow for control. They will need to feed frequently, or they will go in a bloodthirsty rampage in three days.

Their tiers are Strength, Cero, Sonido, and Hierro. Reminding that hierro is only applicable after the third form, in which they are PARTIALLY covered by it. And sonido is equal to shunpo before the third form aswell.

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Re: Lock Report on new hollow race - code named "Demi-Arrancars"

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