Strider's Resurrección

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Strider's Resurrección

Post  Ranju on Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:18 pm

Resurrección Name: Sónic Cazador (Sonic Hunter)
Resurrección Call: Corter Les Abajo (Cut them down)

Resurrección activation description: Strider's hollow mask remains, which is a thin plate of armor stretching from his wrist to his elbow on his right arm, grows to completely cover his right arm and fist, growing a large spike from the elbow. Strider's shoulder length hair takes on a silver color, and his zanpakuto grows longer and more curved, becoming serrated on the back of the blade.

Resurrección abilities:

Sonic Slash: Strider charges a small amount of reiatsu in the zanpakuto before slashing the blade at the target at sonic speeds, creating a wave of sonic distortions at the target. The wave is backed by the reiatsu that was in the blade, giving it a extra kick, but is still not very powerful. This attack mainly relies on the wave to be able to cut through the opponent. Strider is able to charge a larger amount of reiatsu in the zanpakuto and far more of these off at one time, or fire a larger one with more cutting power.

Killer Vibrations: Strider stores a sonido inside of his zanpakuto before activating it, making the zanpakuto vibrate at the speed of sound. This increases the cutting power of his zanpakuto greatly, and causes anything he stabs to be "shaken apart" quite literally. The long the zanpakuto stabs something, the more the vibrations damage it. The sonido wears off after about ten minutes, and Strider cannot use double Sonido while this is active.

(Passive) Double Sonidos: Strider can charge up enough energy in his body to perform two sonidos, and is able to perform one then perform another one in mid-sonido. The second sonido moves at a slower rate than normal, though. At the point of where he changes course, a small shock wave is created, only powerful enough to knock others off balance, and it dissipates soon after occuring.

Enchacements: Strider's strength increases a little, his Sonido skill even more so. His defense on the gauntlet that forms is increased also, but not by a large margin.

Segundo well be made at a later date. I hope.

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Re: Strider's Resurrección

Post  Darwin Blake on Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:25 pm

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