Mikomi, Souretsu

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Mikomi, Souretsu

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Name: Mikomi, Souretsu

Age: 15

Race: Human

Description:See picture above. Common grey uniform with a striped red and black tie (on off days wearing a simple black tie.), and black shoes. An odd amber-colored hue in his eyes, with fair skin, and an average body type. Being of about 160 pounds and about 5'9", he is slightly above average in size compared to his class. <br>
Personality: Find out through IC interaction.


Souretsu was born to a rather poor family, one with at least a shread of morality in their soul, choosing not to abort the baby, but instead to simply give birth, and offer it up to an orphanage. The orphanage in question was of course located within Karakura Town, where the boy was taken care of, to the extent that taxes could do, and learned the basic things a boy would learn.

Throughout his life, Souretsu found himself being rather quiet, and having to deal with the bullies and other unwantables that may find themselves in the dark corner of the town which held the rather shanty orphanage. Through the few chance encounters, he found himself having a rather inate ability in fighting, being stronger, faster, and almost more experienced, than some of his older enemies.

Eventually, the boy who tended to wander the streets instead of staying "Safe" in the orphanage, found himself being placed into schools. Now in high school, the 15 year old boy is living a rather average life, a stable home and parents aside, he's just your average student. . .

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