Lyuria's new zan (Slight modification)

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Lyuria's new zan (Slight modification)

Post  kabumpe on Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:10 am

Shikai name: Ryu no Teisei (Whispers of the dragon, or so)
Bankai name:

- Shikai -

Appearance: Once activated, the rope surrounding the hilt and sheathe disappears, allowing for the sword to be drawn, unlike its sealed form, which can only be used in blunt attacks. The sword itself has leaf engravements across the blade.

Passive Abilities: Great boost speed and mild boost to strength, besides the normal reiki boost. Improves the usage of all Hoho techniques.


Silent Reach: The user can channel some of their reiki into the sheathe of the blade while its sheathed, which takes just a few moments. Once it is done, the user can draw the sword and in a single movement the reiki infused within it will be realeased, the reiki will take shape of the slash itself, it is as wide as the sword, but the reach extends extremely far away. The channeled reiki increases the cutting power significantly, but above all, increase the range immensely. It can be used up to three consecutive times, but the power of the slashes will be split.

Death Unseen: The user is able to use their reiki to perform bursts of force, in the form of wind and a shockwave. The ability can be applied to their body to increase their speed or strength in a burst, but the momentum wont let them maneuver properly, and will mostly only allow them to go on a straight line. It takes a few moments to prepare, so it requires preparation to an extent.

- Bankai -

Appearance: The sword now emits wind everytime its unsheathed, and has a constant breeze around the blade.

Passive Abilities: Massive boost to speed, good boost to strength, normal reiki boost, greatly improves Hoho abilities.

However, now, it also charges the air with reiatsu as soon as its activated. That causes downsides to the enemies, while doesnt affect the user, it makes them a bit more sluggish and alters their perception of speed slightly, making them literally slower, but only slightly.

Silent Reach: Has greater power now, and the reach is increased aswell. Can now be used up to 6 times with the same split of power as before.

Death Unseen: Provides a greater boost to momentum and force, and improves control. The user is also able to embue the sword with the pressure strength, that way they are able to use the sword in different ways, using the pressure power gathered on the blade.

Clashing Waves: The user charges their sword in the same manner as Silent Reach, but the sword becomes coated in reiki. Then, the user slashes across the air, and the reiki is passed onto it, still condensed. The highly supressed reiki has a small delay until it is suddenly decompressed, resulting in a massive wave of pressure and reiki.

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Re: Lyuria's new zan (Slight modification)

Post  Darwin Blake on Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:02 am

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