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Post  Ferin on Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:47 pm

Name: ???

Age: ???


Always covered in a cloak, so his physical features are unintelligible. He wears a multicolored mask, which gives him the appearance of a faceless ghost. Without his hood, his hair is black. That is all that is distinguishable of him other than the the two zanpakutou he carries.

Biography: Not much is known of him, other than the fact he is the two of the diamonds house. A member of the Lock organisation.

Tiers: Unknown.

Specialties: He seems to be quite skilled, but lacks the spiritual pressure to do any serious damage to most of his opponents. His spiritual power has been seen now to not be as minimal as was originally expected. It violently fluctuates between lows, and unimaginable highs. Has been shown to be capable of using absurdly powerful kidou without the use of incantations, instantaneously.

Release: Utilises two zanpakutou of different length. One, an average katana. The other, a wakizashi.

Personality: He seems to switch between three varying personas, none of which are similar. It's impossible to tell when these changes occur, due to the mask he wears... But it's the talk of the organisation that there may be a fourth persona. This persona has been witnessed as a crazed clown... He prances around like an idiot, likes to rhyme at stupid times, and attacks emrcilessly without warning.

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Re: ???'s profile

Post  Cuntwaffle on Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:51 pm

What a mystery!
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