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Jene Kana

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Name: Jene Kana

Age: Actual: 1673, Appearance: 19

Appearance: (her human appearance)
As an Arrancar she has her "mask" covering her right little finger with a small bony trail extending up the side of her wrist. Her uniform has been modified to a short skirt (just above the knees) and the upper part of the uniform has the sleeves removed and a high collar added (the type that circles all the way around the neck).

Jene's past is very complicated, most of her human life is long and forgotten except that she spent the majority of it in an orphanage before dieing at the hands of a rabid dog though she herself does not remember this.

After she died she woke to find that her body had become monstrous, she had only a few moments of rational thought before it was replaced with a ravenous hunger. She spent some time like this going from hollow to hollow devouring and getting stronger with each kill, it was barely a month before she finally evolved. In this new form she could actually think, though the hunger was still present and it still pushed her to devour anything she came across. At first she did not like what she had become until she realised just how much she was enjoying having power over the weak hollows that entered her path. She had many battles, some were closer than she would have liked but finally she was drawn to the menos forest to become part of a greater whole. Many hollows joined her in this mass gathering and they all fought, some for dominance and some simply because they though it necessary. Jene however had decided there and then that she would come out on top and that she would stand above all the hollows here. Finally they all went through their transformation and as Jene had wanted she had won control over their new body.

As a gillian she reverted back to her original killing spree, devouring gillian after gillian until she finally evolved once again over all this took about 100 years to reach this stage. Finally she could think with true intelligence, she found that she could also speak meaning she could finally communicate with other hollow not that many of them even understood her. At this point most of the hollows she came across were to weak for her to bother with, they just didn't appeal to her any more. It took her another 100 years to find enough worth hollow to devour and evolve once again.

Finally she had achieved the final stage of hollow and could live quietly in Hueco Mundo. She spent the rest of her 600 years as a hollow, living quite peacefully but alone until one night everything changed. She woke up and her mask was simply gone and whats more she looked human at first she was disgusted then she was delighted. Humans always were better looking than hollows. She paid no attention to the fact that she now had a zanpakuto but simply picked it up as if it had always been there.

She wandered the wastelands like this for almost a year until she came across another like her. This Tensa had built a palace in the middle of the wastes and now ruled over it. Seeing that Tensa was far more powerful she decided to serve beneath her as the Segunda espada.

After various events (that won't be mentioned for OOC reasons) Jene was left alone, unwilling to go back to her old lifestyle she put herself to sleep in a cavern far from Las Noches. It was not until one thousand years later that she woke (severely weakened) and went back to Las Noches. It was in Las Noches that she found a small crow like adjucha named Ren, this hollow now sticks with her almost all the time.

Tiers: Strength: 3 Hierro: 4 Sonido: 2 Cero & HSR: 1

Specialties: Jene tends to wait for her opponents to come to her, she can normally take the majority of hits with her Hierro only the most powerful hits can damage her. Eg. (strength 4 with same Rp level or lower strength with Largely higher RP level). Her companion Ren can also fight for her, though being and Adjucha she is not strong enough to make a massive difference.


[b[Personality:[/b] Jene is usually quite calm and collected, but when in battle she can become feral with blood lust. However sometimes if someone angers her she will treat them with cruelty before killing them. Often killing them in the most painful ways possible. For example ripping off an arm and impaling you to the floor with it.

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