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Name: Hiro

Age: 17


* Previous one was too Cute~*

Biography: Hiro died in a accident as he was shot by a police officer who mistook him for a "Criminal in Action" who had killed too many innocent civilians. After his death he was ascendet to Soul Society, where he managed to join into Soul Reaper ranks. Currently being a trainee, he keeps low profile by utilizing his foolish act, not revealing his true- self.


Strength: 1
Bakudo/Healing: 2
Hado: 3
Endurance: 1
Shunpo: 4

Specialties: Hiro is rather observant and cautious, he fights utilizing superior speed and stealth. He does use Hado/Bakudo alot during his fights. While not taking fights seriously, his movements are rather dizzy and unpredictable, similar to "Drunken Fist" style.

Release: http://bleachodyssey.englishboard.net/t512-matsumoto-hiro-custom-zanpakuto

Personality: Hiro follows the motto "Just go with the flow", he does not care about what will happen to him or anyone else as he just tends to relax and live. Otherwise, he is loyal to his superiors and no-one else. He is also utterly smart.
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