Daisuke Hiroshi

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Daisuke Hiroshi

Post  Nier on Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:27 pm

Name: Daisuke Hiroshi

Age: 45


Biography: Daisuke is known for being protective over his kind, willing to give up even his life for them if necessary. If something were to happen to them he would stop at no end to destroy whatever caused it. At a young age he was granted the position of strongest in his kind, his power and speed unmatched by all.


Hirenhyaku - 4
Strength - 1
Endurance - 1
Reishi - 4
Ginto - 1

Specialties: He happens to be very weak and even a weak hit could put him down, but he makes up for it in speed. His control and power over reishi could take down even the most durable of foes.

Release: Quincy Bow

Personality: He is protective and calm.

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