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Spectra's Profile

Post  Nier on Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:23 pm

Name: Self-explanatory

Age: Age of appearance: 16


Biography: To be typed.

Tiers: 3 Strength, 2 Endurance, 4 Shunpo.

Specialties: Close-range. Spectra enjoys finish battles quickly, though sometimes his personality can change, causing him to play around.

Release: To be done.

Personality: Spectra have three personalities. Each having their own name.
Spectra - Both eyes open - A serious fighter, who takes everything serious. He's confident and strong, though he highly dislikes to fight, even though he's the "offensive" personality.
Kio - Right eye open, left closed. - A genius. He thinks of everything as if it's boring and useless, though his analyzing abilities are amazing.
Kyo - Left eye open, right closed. - A Gentlemen. He posses no real talent, and is the main of the three personalities, as the other two doesn't really care about being in charge. He's the ladies man, as he will do anything for them, even go as far as to die for a stranger.

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