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Michaêl Fenmour

Post  Nier on Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:17 pm

Name: Michaêl Fenmour
Age: About 600 Earth-years

Appearance: Aizen from his 'Turn back the Pendolum' days, except with black hair and no glasses. Other differences apply, such as wearing no shirt under his haori.
Biography: Most of his human life is a mystery. All that is known of his past when he was alive is that he was an Ace of the Spades family within Lock, and that he dissapeared and died under mysterious circumstances.(No one would IC'ly know this besides himself... and perhaps 'The Joker'.) He somehow made it to Soul Society, where he adopted a new name and appearance. He grew up as a trainee with Aurelia Suidouya and, after a century or two, ranked up to becoming the active Captain of Squad 2 after Aurelia took up the position of 'Captain Commander'.

Tiers: http://bleachodyssey.englishboard.net/t518-shinigami-specs#1599
Specialties: Prefers to fight in close quarters with his zanpakuto; he isn't very skilled at all with kido/hado/etc. of any sort, but is very proficient at zanjutsu to the point where he can overpower most enemies weaker than himself without releasing. He often relies on his own cunning/affinity object to allow him to turn the tide of a battle if he's at a disadvantage.

Release: http://bleachodyssey.englishboard.net/t534-michael-fenmour-s-zanpakuto#1598
Personality: Fenmour, at first glance, is a quiet individual who can be humorous and serious interchangable. He often appears to be passionate about training with trainees, aswell as beng a shinigami overall. He is caring towards those closest to him aswell.

In actuality, Fenmour is a pretty sad philosopher. His whole life has been centered against one goal: To shape reality to make it a better place for the majority of people who lived. Over the centuries as a Shinigami, this goal was put on the back burner as Fenmour embraced the way of life that Death God's must accept... but the goal still exists... and, with it, are Fenmour's memories of his human life, truly setting him apart from all other Soul Reapers in existance.

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