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Saito Kugayashi

Post  Shulker1000 on Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:11 pm

Name: Saito Kugayashi


Physical Age: 29


Biography: Saito doesn't remember most of his human life, but the parts that he does remember was that he was a somewhat lazy person in life who perferred to relax instead of working or fighting. He died within a fight with between two others as he tried to stop them. This is what most likely subconsciously adds to his dislike of fighting with others or even interfering anymore. He made his way to the soul society somehow he doesn't remember how after all these years. He also somehow managed to pull of the rank of Captain despite his lazy personality. It seems that maybe they saw something in him that others have not seen or he himself has not seen.

Tiers: Bakudo/Healing Kidou=1 Shunpo=3 Endurance=2 Hadou=3 Strength=2

Specialties: Saito fights using speed and powerful hits to render his enemies defeated quickly. He prefers to fight close range with his zanpaktou and fists, and with Hadou when unable to reach his opponent.


Personality: Saito has a lazy like personality so prefers not to do work or much at all. He prefers to relax or push his work on his subordinates. He doesn't like getting into fights but when he does prefers to finish them quickly and not draw them out. He is also a happy drunk and can be one of the worst people to be around when pissed. He is protective of those who he cares about, which can sometimes be very rare.{If this seems like Urahara personality then I'm sorry thats just how I have most of my chars be :l}
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