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Aurelia Suidouya

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Name: Aurelia Suidouya

Age: 19 in appearance.


Aurelia does not normally don the usual garb of her office. When in a peaceful state of mind, she wears a traditional kimono with her dagger-sized zanpakutou pinned on either hip. Her hair is a deep sapphire blue, extending down to her waist in length. Her eyes are the usual ice blue of her family, giving her stare a eerily unsettling effect.

When undergoing business, or in combat, she garbs her captain's haori and shikakushou over the usual tight outfit of the squad two assassins. Upon use of shunkou, the haori and shikakushou will fly off to reveal the uniform of her previous squad.

Biography: Approximately 632 years ago, there existed a family of shinigami who excelled in nearly ever aspect of the title. Not a soul went astray, not a hollow survived if it were left to them... This family was known as Suidouya, a bloodline tinged with both an absurd amount of respect, and a sickening amount of fear. For there was always something different about them... Something different about the head of the house, something different about the son, and definitely something off about the wife.

This was because the head of house, Sujin, did not marry a shinigami.

The woman he had married, was a natural arrancar named Cerilia. Luckily, she had at some point received something that made her seem even more similar to a shinigami than her kin. There was no exterior proof that she was not a shinigami, and over time, she had found a way to change the feel of her reiatsu... Until Aurelia came to be.

While pregnant with Aurelia, things began to change within Cerilia. Her reiatsu would violently flair at times, changing nature between hollow, and shinigami. A third energy would flare with it... Something completely alien. Something neither hollow, nor shinigami. It was so violent at times, that the Suidouya family began to lose their allies and contacts within the Society... Friends left, realising that there was more to the family than what was on the surface.

Realizing that something was very, very wrong.

More things began to occur, and the brother, Minochi, grew to be far too independent... A hatred welled within him, a burning hatred for his father which eventuall lead to Sujin's mysterious murder... In his sleep. Cerilia knew that she was next, hence, she fled to Earth in order to have her child in safety... A few more months past, and she got her wish. Nobody found her, despite the violent changes in her energy continuing. Aurelia was born... Born a shinigami. Thankfully, she was clean of the mutation that plagued Minochi... She was not vaizard, as her brother was.

Sadly, not a year after her birth, Minochi discovered them... Cerilia had saved soemthing upon fleeing the Society. A Hell Butterfly that she had stolen from Sujin while she had the chance. As he approached, she basically 'threw' Aurelia through the senkaimon gate... Once it closed, Minochi appeared, and killed their mother without any hesitation.

Time passed without any sign of the abnormal occuring. Aurelia grew and developed overtime on her own, excelling at the academy once she finally made it there... Til then, she had lived with another family within the Seireitei.

Once graduated from the academy, she was asked to join the second squad by it's captain, and accepted... Not long after, she took the captain's place after a trial of fair combat. Sadly, her last name was not respected in the Seireitei, causing her to be so hated, that the rest of the squad... Vanished. Again, not long after, she became the Captain Commander due to a vote of the advisors... It wasn't necessary to combat the previous one, as he was not reluctant to give up his position...

Blah blah now it's the present.



Strength: 3
Bakudo/Healing: 1
Hado: 1
Endurance: 2
Shunpo: 4

Specialties: Specialises in subtlety. She relies mainly on Ho-ho/Hakuda techniques to eliminate her foes before they even know what hit them. It is rumored that her bloodline possesses a powerful technique, but it is unclear whether or not Aurelia possesses it. If she does, she has not used it in any recorded history.

Release: Shikai grants her control of electric curreent, and enhances her physical abilities. This stacks with the bonuses of shunkou. Her bankai grants her an invisible barrier that nullifies the damage of any attack below the power of hadou 60. Meaning: If your blast is too weak, she can keep moving forward as if it never even happened.

Personality: Aurelia is generally a calm individual, always wearing a strangely disconcerting smile on her face. She will rarely be caused to stress by a situation, even if the outcome is sure to be grim. She shares her brothers drinking disposition, only a heavy tea drinker instead of sake.

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