Maxxum's New Zanpakutou

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Maxxum's New Zanpakutou

Post  GIHunter6 on Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:52 am

Zanpakutou Name: Meibatsu (Retribution)

Shikai call: Cleanse the world with fire, Meibatsu!

Bankai Name: Mutsu-Hane Kishi (Six-Winged Knight)

Zanpakutou Type: Fire

Shikai appearance: The katana becomes more like a western-style sword. The guard is very intricate, and has a flame-like design to it that curves up along the edges of the blade for about 8 inches. (For a better description than what I can hope to give, look at the Bankai appearance pic further down)

Shikai Abilities:
kiyomeru En (Cleansing Flame): A small fireball is shot, from either the sword or the palm of the hand. Upon contact with a target, it will light the target on fire for a short time, regardless of whether the target is flammable or not. If the target is a living creature, the flames will not only cause physical damage, but drain a small portion of their stamina and transfer it to the wielder until the flames die out. The flames last for about 30 seconds.

Pa-ji Zaigou (Purge Sin): A red ball of Reiatsu is fired, again from either the sword or the palm of the hand. This ball will form a parasitic bond with the target upon impact and drain some of the target's life force to heal the wielder. This only lasts for a second or two after being hit.

Bankai appearance: This, but without the shield and a longer blade.

Bankai Abilities:
Hisaki Meibatsu (Flames of Retribution): Essentially a buffed up version of Kiyomeru En, but without the stamina leech. The sword creates a large plume of fire, capable of engulfing a moderate-sized house. The flames can be guided by the wielder.

Kuikorosu Akkou (Consume Wickedness): A stronger version of Pa-ji Zaigou. It doesn't leech the target's health as strongly initially, but the effect works over time, which gives it the ability to leech roughly 1.5 times as much health as Pa-ji Zaigou. The total duration of the ability is about 30 seconds.

Futan Zaigou (Burden of Sin): The wielder fires a small black smokey orb of Reiatsu at the target. If it hits, the target's strength and speed-based abilities will be weakend by 1 tier for a few hours. The attack is not stackable.

Level of Difficulty to Use and Master: Shikai 40, Bankai 75.
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Re: Maxxum's New Zanpakutou

Post  Darwin Blake on Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:05 am

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