Spectra Hirosaki's Zanpakuto.

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Spectra Hirosaki's Zanpakuto.

Post  Cuntwaffle on Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:57 pm

Zanpakutou Name: In'nāpawā (インナーパワー, "Inner power")

Zanpakutou Call: I seek your help.

Bankai Name: Burazāsu (ブラザース, "Brothers")

Zanpakutou Type: Supplementary.

Shikai description:
Spectra gains a new black sword, which highly resembles his ordinary Zanpakuto, though it's hilt and grib is different. Spectra's clothes changes aswell. Image:

Shikai Abilities:
Passive - Inner help: Spectra's inner personalities becomes free, as they are allowed to move freely around Spectra, though part of their body have to be attached to him still. The personalities are visible to everyone, and they got their own free will aswell, depending on their mood they might not even help him. Effective: Spectra can attack frontal, while his two personalities can use their own swords to attack from the sides. - The personalities appear at will, meaning that Spectra can't summon them, and they're able to enter his body.
Passive Boost: General Speed and Shunpo speed increase.
Bankai description:
Nothing visible changes, though his hair does get slightly whiter, he retains the sword and outfit.
Bankai Abilities:
Passive - Outer help: The same as before, though this time they're completely free, and able to move around freely at their own will. They have the exact same power as the ordinary one, as they're all three the same. Though they share pain, which means that if you don't hit all three of them on the same time, then the damage is distributed equally into all three of them. In bankai, they're visible, allowing them to actually leave Spectra and help other people around him.
Passive Boost: Slightly higher speed boost than in Shikai, counts for both General Speed and Shunpo.
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Re: Spectra Hirosaki's Zanpakuto.

Post  Nier on Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:42 pm


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