Morwenna's Zanpakutou

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Morwenna's Zanpakutou

Post  Blueberry Muffin on Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:01 am

Zanpakutou Name: Kenbou (健忘 - Amnesia)

Zanpakutou Call: Immerse yourself,

Bankai Name: Akumu Noyouna Kiokusoushitsu (悪夢のような記憶喪失 - Nightmared Amnesia)

Zanpakutou Type: Shadows/Mirrors(Illusion)


Kenbou: Morwenna draws her Zanpakutou, holding it with both hands as she calls out it's call and name. Her Zanpakutou then begins to grow incredibly reflective, maintaining the shape of her usual Zanpakutou, except the blade comes to look an awful lot like it's made of a mirrory substance. The blade then shatters, as thousands of tiny, razor sharp mirror fragments composed of her Reiatsu filter through the air.

[Special Passive] - When the opponent which Morwenna and Kenbou are targetting sees her release, they hear the voice of the person that they value absolutely, more than everything else in existance, that one person who is most important to them, begins speaking to them within their mind, an annoying whisper within their ears. All this voice does is put the person down, insult them, demotivate them, break them.

[Offensive] - The shards of her Zanpakutou are made of her Reiryoku, and have the ability to cut through most objects, for they have a powerful sharpness about them. They're designed to pierce ones body completely, and cut through them, in a very similar way to Byakuya's Senbonsakura.

[Passive] - The mirror fragments, mysteriously enough, are invisible in the shadows.

[Defensive] - Kenbou's mirror fragments can come together at a surprising speed, shifting themselves into numerous objects. They can form numerous shapes and things, most of which gaining density. However, when Kenbou forms a mirror - Which can be in a number of shapes; Hectagonal, rectangular, circular - It gains a especially hardened form, on par with tier 2 Hierro.

Shikai Enhancements - General Speed/Shupno boost, Reiryoku boost


Akumu Noyouna Kiokusoushitsu Morwenna calls her Bankai, and reality begins to rip itself apart around her, forming a large black orb, of which hundreds of thousands of millions of mirrors forms, before every single one of them shattering, giving her an anormous quantity of mirror shards to manipulate at a faster speed, with greater capabilities and possibilities, additionally, attack strength.

[Special Passive] - One of Akumu Noyouna Kiokusoushitsu's Bankai abilities is to form an enormous sphere of darkness around a person. Inside the mirrors, is every single person that person has ever seen, and all of those people begin to shout and scream, hurling and pelting abuse at this one person, at a pace that's strong enough to drive almost anybody insane. Additionally, the wielder can come inside this world and attack the opponent, however, creating the world drains one's Reiatsu like a BITCH, unless it's completely mastered, which is pretty hard to do. [See Defensive in the Bankai chapter for strength of the mirrors/darkness, in case someone decides they want to break out.]

[Defensive] - The mirrors which are formed in the Special Ability of Akumu Noyouna Kiokusoushitsu are on par with tier 3 Hierro. However, when not in this ability, she has greater control over her mirror fragments, and can use them to create more things and stuff.

[Passive] - The same as the Shikai passive, however, when the shards are in darkness, they are noticably stronger.

Bankai Enhancements: Immense spiritual pressure boost, faster movement of the mirror shards.


Mask Activation: Morwenna rather simply swipes her hand down before her face, having gathered Hollow Reiryoku in her palm, and forms the mask upon her face.

[Offensive] - Able to produce tier 3 cero/bala with no charge time. Increased power with using Shikai abilities, along with a noticable speed boost.

[Defensive] - Mask is made out of tier 2 hierro. The petal-barriers each get upgraded by one, e.g. Masked Shikai mirror would be tier 3, and Bankai would be 4.

[Passive] - To a degree, Morwenna can manipulate some of the nearby shadows.

Mask Enhancements: Powerful Reiatsu/Reiryoku boost, along with a noticable increase in speed.

Full Hollow

Full Hollow Activation: Pretty much the same as Ichigo. She'll either be dying or in a pinch, save for the fact that her Inner Hollow can also activate her Full Hollow form if it feels like it. Additionally, so can the Aizen figure.

[Special Offensive] - Morwenna can perform powerful slashes, that are composed of large amounts of shadows. These can shred through stuff, and are to be used sparingly, for overusing them could come with severe consequences.

[Defensive] - Boost to tier 4 hierro. Read the Passive section, to explain why.

[Passive] - All of the Bankai mirror fragments suddenly merge with Morwenna, abruptly taking on a new form. She grows powerful claws, and her skin takes on the strength of Tier 4 Hierro, because it's essentially Bankai Mirrors + Mask Hierro. Not only that, but all of her Reiatsu is converted into strength and speed at this stage, as she pretty much loses the plot and has a raging shitstorm, among other things. An overwhelming destructive power kills off and overpowers all her other emotions, and if she can see it, she's going to want to fucking WRECK it.

Full Hollow Enhancements: As listed in the passives section, she pretty much pulls a Ichigo and converts all her Reiatsu into strength, speed and defence, making her one nasty killing machine.

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Re: Morwenna's Zanpakutou

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