Grimm Azu's Zanpaktou

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Grimm Azu's Zanpaktou

Post  Grimmy on Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:00 pm

Zanpaktou Name: Bayvoke

Zanpakutou Call:Lets show them our speed

Bankai Name: Bayvoid (ベイ無効)

Zanpakutou Type:Speed/Dimension


Bayvoke disappears into a dark like mist and comes back as a black and white sword almost like ichigo's, and can see its weidler aura around it as if the sword is draining power and frocing it out of itself.

Passvive: the sword can improve speed when you are near death,that helps you run or finish the job.The speed can also make your shunpo a little faster than an normal one would be giving you and advantage in many ways.

Offensive:If cut by the black blade it slowly takes you health down and can give the holder enough Reiyoku to make an blade reiyoku around it and if slash it attacks with a big wave of reiatsu form the blade straight toward your enemy.

Defensive: if Grimm is going to be attacked the sword can automatically shunpo him backwards,in anyway if grimm was to have his sword taking he can call its name and it will protect him.

Shikai Enhancements - General Speed/Shupno boost/Reiryoku boost.

[Bankai] Ability one:Raises speed and reiryoku.

Ability two:Grimm is now able to send his body between the dimension he made and the dimension he was in which he can see the enemy and come behind them and attack.

Ability three: Grimm uses the reiryoku boost and send's some of it into the sword which can be used to cut through steel or he can use all of that reiryoku into a desructive blast that can destory anything in front of it.

Apprance:His cloths become all white suit like ichigo's and his eyes turn into a dark purple color.
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