Saito Kugayashi's Zanpaktou

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Saito Kugayashi's Zanpaktou

Post  Shulker1000 on Sun Aug 26, 2012 7:04 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Kokushibyō (黒死病 - Black Death)

Zanpakutou Call: Bring Forth Death

Bankai Name: Kaimetsu-tekina kokushibyō (壊滅的な黒死病 - Devastating Black Death)

Zanpakutou Type: Speed/Mist


Kokushibyō : Saito would take his zanpaktou and turn the blade to the ground and says his call and the blade's name. The zanpaktou would then burst into black mist and then swarm around beform reforming back into a black scythe.

[Passive]-Kokushibyo releases a black mist around it constantly. Saito can freely control the mist and preform several special techniques with it. The mist contains a poison within it that can slowly drain the reiatsu of those who breathe it in or allow it to get within their blood. Saito is immune to this poison as it is his zanpaktou and he was given and immunity to it by the spirit within his zanpaktou.

[Offensive]-Kokushibyo can form blades and slashes from the dark mist it produces that can be easily fired at the opponent. But the downside to this is that some attacks need a certain amount of mist so until he has the amount he cant use the attacks. Basically meaning the more the mist the more things he can construct and the stronger he can make them.

[Defensive]-Kokushibyo can also form sheilds and walls with the mist. But just like the offensive attacks he needs certain amount of mists to make certain shields basically the more the mist the stronger he can enforce the shields and the walls or the bigger he can make them. But the bigger they are the less focused they are on one single point of protection.

Shikai Enhancements - General Speed/Shupno boost


Kaimetsu-tekina kokushibyō: Once surrounded by mist Saito then shouts "Bankai!" and his scythe bursts into more black mist. It then reforms togather into a double bladed scythe, and red rubies could be seen within the handle.

[Passive]-The poison within the mist becomes enhanced and does a greater effect now. And it also seems to produce the mist faster and more effectively making it easier to preform the attacks.

Bankai Enhancements: Slightly more Speed/Shunpo boost than Shikai.
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Re: Saito Kugayashi's Zanpaktou

Post  Darwin Blake on Sun Aug 26, 2012 7:43 pm

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