Michaêl Fenmour's Zanpakuto

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Michaêl Fenmour's Zanpakuto

Post  Darwin Blake on Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:10 am

Zanpakutou Name: Tsuri' Noshidare (ツリーのしだれ - Weeping Tree)

Zanpakutou Call: Seek your peace,

Bankai Name: Kodai no Mori (古代の森 - Ancient Forest)

Zanpakutou Type: Illusionary/Water


Tsuri' Noshidare: Fenmour would place his left hand on his sheath and say his zanpakuto's call and name either aloud or mentally. This is the one and only way to activate it. He would then unsheathe it to reveal that it had not changed one 'bit; it still appeared to be the same five-foot long blade with the black-with-green-embroidery hilt that it was when it was sealed.

[Special Passive] - Anyone who hears and witnesses Fenmour releasing his shikai and are relatively close to him will find that a haze appears before them when they get near him that clouds their vision and, at times, can make it seem as if they are blind. What occurs is that Noshidare bends the water in the eyes of those that see the release of Fenmour's shikai so that they can't rely on their sight once they get extremely close to him. If the target happens to be considerably stronger than Fenmour then they can possibly stop this with sheer willpower.

[Offensive] - Fenmour can attract liquids from nearby water sources, the air, etc. and use it to slash at enemies by guiding it with his zanpakuto. Depending on how much reishi he puts into the slash, it can be anything from just a breeze of wind to Getsuga Tensho-esque.

[Passive] - Noshidare naturally repels the spiritual pressure of others to the point where they can't raise their 'energy levels' past a certain point, which makes wind/aerial-based techniques/abilities weaker while Fenmour's own spiritual pressure appears to be nonexistant to anyone weaker than himself.

[Defensive] - Noshidare is actually seven feet long, but the last two feet of the blade are completely invisible. This implies massive amount of rape until this trick is discovered. On top of this, Fenmour can mentally control it's existance; when he sheathes his zanpakuto while in it's shikai form, it fits nicely into it's sheathe as if there wasn't an extra 2 feet of blade. He can control what it can cut and, to a degree, how sharp it is aswell. The guard on Noshidare's hilt also has an invisible extension that protects Fenmour's hands and arms more than his visible guard would on it's own.

Shikai Enhancements - General Speed/Shupno boost


Kodai no Mori: Fenmour would chant the incantation for bankai and, immediately after doing so, a torrent of water would erupt from the ground and consume him. After a few moments, it would dissipate to reveal Fenmour's haori/suit hanging open, his bare skin covered in a slick film of water. A circle of liquid with a radius of about eight feet centered around him existed. It could rise off the ground to form tentacles or spikes that could be used to attack enemies that came near. Fenmour would retain his zanpakuto in hand, and it too would be slick with water.

[Special Passive] - The 'water' contains a dilluted poison that, in high quantities, burns at the skin of individuals that have a Hierro less than Tier 3 or Endurance less than Tier 4.

[Defensive] - The circle of water follows Fenmour no matter how fast he or where he goes, even if he utilizes shupno; it can also form into a complete sphere or semi-sphere if Fenmour is in the air. He can increase the speed at which it flows and it's density to make a pretty decent shield.

[Passive] - All abilities/attributes from shikai carry on and are relatively stronger/more potent when utilized/used in bankai.

[Passive] - The water glistens and glows at times to the point of causing massive irritation in the eyes of those that look at it for too long.

Bankai Enhancements: Immense spiritual pressure boost


Mask Activation: Fenmour simply touches his forehead with the middle and pointer fingers of his right hand and his chin with his thumb and brings out his hollow abilities with sheer willpower.

[Offensive] - Able to produce tier 2 cero/bala with no charge time. Increased power with using shikai abilties, primarily the water-slash.

[Defensive] - Mask is made out of tier 3 hierro, and is completely plain. Similar to Tousen's mask.

[Passive] - Fenmour can now form shift/bend/form/etc. ice and water vapor as well when his shikai is released to the point where he can disrupt the abilities of an enemy's zanpakuto if they are based around them.

Mask Enhancements: Dramatic spiritual pressure boost, along with a noticable increase in strength/speed.

Full Hollow

Full Hollow Activation: Basically, the same way that it happened with Ichigo. If Fenmour is incapacitated/dying and he hears/notices that someone that he deeply cares for needs him, this will trigger the transformation. Or Fenmour can will himself into it using his affinity object at a cost of some sort.

[Special Offensive] - Can now perform gran rey ceros, sonido, and a variety of other arrancar-based techniques/abilities. Basically, most of Fenmour's energy is converted into attack-power and speed.

[Defensive] - Boost to tier 4 hierro.

[Passive] - Zanpakuto changes color, it's blade becoming completely black while it's hilt is now white-with-red-embroidery. His affinity object would be embedded within the hilt aswell.

Full Hollow Enhancements: A spiritual pressure so high that only main figures and certain ECs should be able to feel it at all. Other Full Hollow-esque enhancements apply aswell.


Ressureccion Name: Heiwa (平和 - Peace)

Ressureccion Call: Shape The World,

Ressureccion Type: Sacrifice

Ressureccion Activation: To activate, Fenmour would stab his zanpakuto into the body of someone with the spiritual pressure that was greater than that of the average captain's and into solid ground. He would then say the call and name of his zanpakuto.

[Primary Use]: Once having reached this stage, Fenmour can change the natural laws of the various dimensions by forcing his wishes to become reality by mentally bargaining with 'Heaven'. No matter what he wishes to be changed, there will be a cost; depending on what he changes, it can either simply erase his shinigami and hollow powers or completely destroy himself and anyone else in the nearby vicinity to accomplish the job. No matter what he does, this transformation is permanent.

[Special Passive]: The person that is stabbed with the zanpakuto is included in the 'conversation with God'. No one else can hear it, and interrupting Fenmour would lead to a cost occuring without a wish being fullfilled.
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