Aurelia Suidouya's Zanpakutou

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Aurelia Suidouya's Zanpakutou

Post  Ferin on Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:33 am

Zanpakutou Name: Ebon Star

Zanpakutou Call Ex: Turn the Vicious Current

Bankai Name: Ebon Void

Zanpakutou Type: Melee, Ranged rei

Shikai Abilities

Shikai Form- Aurelia's two daggers would suddenly split down the middle, a length of wire appearing that would be wrapped around her wrists. They would be made of silver, a highly conductive metal. Yet, they do not break.

Ability 1- Current - Aurelia is capable of manipulating electric current upon release of her zanpakutou, channeling it through anything conductive that she touches. EX: Armor, sword, or her own weapons.

Ability 2 - Starbolt - Aurelia causes electrical energy to rise within her daggers, similar in appearance to a Jacob's Ladder. She is then capable of firing bolts of electrical energy at her opponent.
(Also, her physical capabilities are enhanced. This stacks with the use of shunkou.)
Bankai Abilities

Ability 1 - Void - A invisible barrier appears around Aurelia, causing any attacks below the strength of hadou 60 to have no effect upon her. All damage if a stronger attack occurs will simply pass through the 'void', striking her full on if she does not avoid it.

(Shunkou will still be usable. All stage 1 abilities are amplified.)

Bankai Appearance - Nothing more than an aesthetic change will occur. Her hair will fly up around her, and her eye color would become a crimson red.

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Re: Aurelia Suidouya's Zanpakutou

Post  Darwin Blake on Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:37 am

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