Harada, Haru's Zanpakuto

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Harada, Haru's Zanpakuto

Post  Harada, Haru on Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:07 pm

Name : Denkou No Fennikusu

Call : Let The Heavenly Thunder Fall. . . .

Shape : This Shikai has a wide shape, it's equal to the size of a human ( Always as big as the user itself ( Hilt included ) ) the shape is that of a nimble black katana.
The tip of the blade is that of a thunder bolt, making it a weapon that's deadly when used to stab, the blade has the name of the Shikai carved in it with crimson characters.
On the end of the hilt a small chain with a thunder cloud is shown.

Type : Lightning

Enhanced Abilities :

Long Reach : Due to this blade's side it can reach a bit further then your average sized zanpakutou.

Enhanced Stabbing Power : With the thunder bolt like point it becomes a painfull stabbing weapon.

Abilities :

Denkou No Fennikusu is a Zanpakutou that centers around a phoenix that instead of using flames uses lightning to strike and electrify/destroy the enemy.

Techniques :

Fennikusu Spark : The user makes a slash or stab with the blade, by doing so if hit sparks will appear that can make the opponent's body go numb.

Denkou Fennikusu Heaven Slash : This is the strongest technique of the Shikai Denkou No Fennikusu, when the user concentrates their power and calls out the name a large blade will appear around the weapon made of lightning, the user shoots their zanpakutou forward and out comes a wide ray that cuts the ground, the front has the appearance that resembled a phoenix flying at you.

Denkou Rings : The user makes three rings of lightning appear infront of him, he makes them move towards the opponent in an attempt to trap them by catching them inside it, strangling them and shocking their body.

Bankai : Shindō Tengoku Denkou No Fennikusu

Shape : The shape of the blade doesn't change that much, the chain at the end of the blade becomes a tad longer and the cloud turns into a Phoenix, next to that the appearance of the user changes a bit, the eyes turn light blue with small golden sparks inside of them, the irises remaining black. When activated a black cloack takes form around the user, only closed around the neck.

Type : Speed/Lightning Bankai

Enhanced Abilities :

Enhanced Speed : The user gets a great advancement in movement speed.

Enhanced Reflexes : The user can react to attacks and obstacles faster.

Enhanced Spiritual Power : The user gains a strong amount of Spiritual Power in their Bankai.

Long Reach : The reach stays the same as in the Shikai Mode.

Enhanced Stabbing Power : Same as the Shikai.

Stronger Denkou Fennikusu Heaven Slash : This is the only attack that the user keeps in their Bankai form, wich makes it also a much stronger and wider attack.

Techniques :

Denkou Armor : The user makes an armor of lightning around them, this can only be used for five seconds a time, after that it fades away. By doing this they enhance their speed more then they already do and takes less damage from attacks then usual.

Denkou Armor Version Zanpakuto : The same as the Denkou Armor, but this time around the Zanpakuto, not giving the enhanced speed or shielding powers but a stronger cutting and offensive power, this also fades after five seconds.

Fennikusu Wings : The user lets his/her reiatsu take the form of two giant wings behind their back, immideatly shooting out it's feathers all around him, not having a specific target, but having a great stabbing power and giving short/small shocks to the body if the enemy is hit.

Shindō Tengoku Denkou No Fennikusu Himitsu no tekunikku - Fenikkususupia : This technique is a technique that the user uses when all else fails and it comes down to a one on one slash ending. The user uses their last bits of Reiatsu to launch forward and stab, a Phoenix taking form around them with a red shade instead of the regular blue one. An explosion of Reiatsu is mostly seen when this attack is used and leaves the user incapable to fight.

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Re: Harada, Haru's Zanpakuto

Post  Darwin Blake on Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:06 pm

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