Zeff Sawada's Zanpakuto

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Zeff Sawada's Zanpakuto

Post  Zeff45 on Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:20 pm

Zanpakuto name: Karin
Zanpakuto call ex: Reach for the skies
Bankai call: Sou Karin
Type: Wind, melee/ mid-long range
Shikai description: User calls out the name of the zanpakuto. Once this has happened, a small tornado would surround the blade of the sword. The tornado is atleast 4 inches away from the sword and only three inches higher then the tip of the sword, which represents that the tornado is bit bigger and longer then the sword.

Ability one "Wind Cut": The user swings the sword once, sending a blade of wind towards the enemy. If taken impact, it would cause minimal to major damage. Major damage if full impact as in goes through the enemy.

Ability two "Tornado thrust": The user thrust the blade forwards in a impaling action. Once this is done, the tornado that surrounds the blade is thrusted forwards towards the direction, growing bigger and bigger. This is mainly a blunt technique if the tornado is away from the sword. If its near the sword once the action is given(meaning melee), it would be used as mainly a cutting technique which would scratch the person up.
Bankai description: The zanpakuto simply has the same tornado around it, but it grows a bit bigger then usual. Once mastered, the tornado around the katana spreads around the user, leaving the sword and the user encased in one big tornado.

Ability one "Wind cut": This technique goes from shikai to bankai. The only differece is that the wind blade grows longer in width.

Ability two "Multiple wind blades": The user swings the zanpakuto up to three times, sending small wind blades that if made contact, cuts up the enemy. If the bankai is mastered, the three swings sends up to ten to fifteen small wind blades that could cut the enemy up to shreads. This is -only- when the bankai is mastered
Notes: For shikai and bankai, the techniques are only powerful once they are mastered. The second ability for shikai is only availible once you have mastered it.
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Re: Zeff Sawada's Zanpakuto

Post  kabumpe on Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:24 pm


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