Ferin Duskblade's Ressureccion

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Ferin Duskblade's Ressureccion

Post  Ferin on Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:51 pm

Resurrección Name: Alondite
Resurrección Call: Bathe in Luna's Glow
Resurrección Type: Defense/Strength based

Resurrección Activation Description: Ferin's mask fragment (right hand gauntlet) would begin to expand, and change in coloration. The spread would continue until it covered his body, then would suddenly change into the shape of a massive, black suit of armor. In his right hand would be a magnificent greatsword, and a flowing cape would adorn his back.


Resurrección Appearance Description: Ferin's zanpakutou, a longsword instead of the generic katana, would grow in length and width. The suit of armor would be black, guilded in white with a crimson cape flowing from his back. (Yes, Fire Emblem BK.)

Resurrección Abilities:

(Passive) Luna's Blessing: Ferin's armor is "Blessed" By the goddess of the moon. It renders him immune to most forms of attacks, and slowing mechanisms... A master of kidou/cero may be able to penetrate it, as would a master of absurd strength.

(Passive) For Someone's Glory: The closer Ferin is to his leader, (As I intend for him to be a fraccion.) The stronger he becomes. His already substantial strength would increase to allow for him to follow through in his duty of protection, and his speed would increase to equal a mastered sonido. While the further away he is, he grows up to 20% weaker.

Alondite's Capabilities: The sword is extremely sharp, and extremely large. Yet, due to Ferin's strength, he is able to wield it effortlessly. With enough force behind a swing, he is able to create shockwaves that will tear straight forward, similar to a kendo slash, yet without the reishi base. If one were to fire a reishi based attack towards these shockwaves, they would most likely be dispersed.

Resurrección Enhancements : Major defense and strength enhancements. No improvement to speed, cero, or regeneration.


Segunda Etapa (Second Resurrection) Name: Wrath of Luna
Segunda Etapa Call: Bathe my foe in your holy glow,
Segunda Etapa Type: Obsession

Segunda Etapa Activation Description: The white gilding of Ferin's armor would begin to glow, and Alondite would become coated in a deep black shadow which ripples upward similar to a flame.


Segunda Etapa Abilities:

(Passive) Not For Someone's Glory: The same effects as For Someone's Glory, yet distance does not matter. His power is always substantially increased while in this state.

(Passive) Luna's Resolve: Ferin is tireless. His armor becomes even more durable, requiring multiple hits of an extreme magnitude to crack through it. His movement is unhindered by the bulk of the armor, yet his speed is still lacking.

(Active Defense/Offense) Holy Exorcism: Ferin raises Alondite towards any incoming reiatsu based attack, absorbing the brunt of the damage into his blade, then firing it back in the form of a getsuga-esque slash when he wishes. Only one attack may be absorbed at a time, otherwise it has the same effect as if it merely struck the blade.

Segunda Etapa Enhancements: +1 to Hierro. Not counting the durability of the armor...
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Re: Ferin Duskblade's Ressureccion

Post  Darwin Blake on Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:58 pm

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