Shinigami Rules for all o' ya Shinigami out there

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Shinigami Rules for all o' ya Shinigami out there

Post  Toshi on Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:34 pm

1) Do not ask OOCly for any type of position within the Soul Society (Captain, SC, etc). Everything must be RP'd and you will be awarded accordingly.

2) Skills such as shikai, bankai, and high leveled kido must be learned from the appropriate authorities.

3) All Shinigami must show respect to someone of higher rank of them, following this order. Captain Commander --> Senior Captain --> Captain --> Lieutenant Commander --> Lieutenant --> Normal Shinigami --> Shinigami Trainee.

4) If you are not a Captain, Lieutenant etc, show respect to someone of a higher seat than you.

5) Souls may enter the Soul Society but must first ask before approaching a Captain

6) Shinigami will not kill each other, if someone does kill another Shinigami the punishment is handled by the Commander.

7) If someone deserts, the punishment of the deserter is chosen by the Commander.

Cool The book given to all trainees includes basic information on SS structure, Hollows, Kidou, Zanpakuto, and
Shinigami life.

9) No one is to be promoted to a shinigami by a Captain without appropriate RP, rendered acceptable by a Captain.

10) No trainee shall learn kido above level 10 without rp from an appropriate knowledgeable authority. Kido learned up to level 10 without rp with the appropriate authority will be miniscule in power until strengthened through proper rp approved by the correct authority.

11) I will only take Captains that know their Shikai or the appropriate RP level for it.

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