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Exors Zanpaktou

Post  Exor on Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:35 am

Zanpakutou Name: Tourou

Zanpakutou Call Ex: Enrage

Bankai Name: Zetsumei Tourou

Zanpakutou Type: Melee

Shikai Abilities

Shikai Form- Exor shouts "Enrage, Tourou!" while holding his zanpaktou with two hands. Exor holds the top part of the sword to the sky as the handle is pointed down, so they are perfectly lined up to eachother. His zanpaktou will turn white, with a tint of yellow as it surronds both of his hand. Both hands will gain two metal looking boxing gloves. At the part where a normal Boxing glove would usually have the company name, it has small rockets that can shoot out large amounts of Reiatsu at a time to make the punch more deadly. They are able to change their aim depending on Exors attack.

Ability 1-Ryūsei Panchi- Exor uses the rockets on the boxing gloves to propel his fist forward. Exor can change the amount he uses, but the more he uses, the stronger the punch will be, and the quicker. When Exor uses a certain amount of Reiatsu, then the attack will be called "Ryūsei Panchi". This punch is strong enough to create medium sized cracks in the ground.
Bankai Abilities

Ability 1-Satsuei Raito- Exor shoots the rockets forward towards the enemy, but doesn't actually aim for them. Exor stricks his hand out, while being fully opened, so the reiatsu forms a ball in his hand that grows to the size of a softball. Once finished Exor can shoot the ball at a speed of 60 mph. If hit dead on, then the enemy will have large bruises, torn up clothes, medium cuts, and possibly broken bones. (10 RP levels under=Broken Bones)

Ability 2-Ryūsei Panchi: Bājon ni- Or more likely know as the second version of Ryusei Panchi. This technique, is Exors most powerful technique. It's so powerful it can only be used once in a fight, and after that Exor is unable to use anything else except regular punches, and kicks. In this technique, Exor uses the rockets on his gloves to a more extreme version. Exor would be useing so much reiatsu, the reiatsu would be shown three times Exors size. Once punched, then the Reiatsu from the rockets turns into a powerful blast consuming the opponent, and possibly things around them. If someone is hit dead on with this technique, then their death is certain. It would be hard to image if anything was left of their body.
Bankai Appearence- White-ish reiatsu covers whole body to make a full body suit. The only part that isnt protected is his whole face. The armor is so strong it can deflect an incoming Zanpaktou slash. The only thing that can harm Exor are, attacks to the face, Shikai/Bankai abbilities that can pierce through objects with enough force, etc.

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Some Thoughts

Post  Sharaku on Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:59 am

I understand just how amazing rocket-attached boxing gloves may be...but perhaps the idea of it being labelled as a rocket is a bit too, eh.., extreme?

Let's see, you know how Wolverine from the X-Men has gloves for his adamantium claws to exit from? I would suggest having two, maybe three, of small "rockets" on the gloves, where instead of firing soft-ball sized Reishi from it like a laser blaster, it was used like an afterburner. I understand this would take away from the whole rocket idea, but it is a tad bit too..eh..out of place? Let me explain the features of said "afterburners".

First, I would suggest that you keep the whole ability to speed up and using it like rocket of sorts.

Note: These are opinions on the Bankai skills, the Shikai seems fine.

As for the firing soft-ball like lasers, I would recommend making them a burst of limited range, similar to the aforementioned Wolverine ability, and use them as an extension to your melee attacks to make them more deadly, since it already seems like your Zanpakuto power is based on close to mid combat.

And to make the second Bankai ability not so horrible, at least how I understood it, and to make it more powerful in a sense, since you've only listed it's limits, perhaps you could transform the (once again, the reference to the Wolverine glove) rocket/afterburner into a single, larger, canon-like hand-gun on your glove, which would activate upon landing a punch on your opponent and create a sphere of Reiatsu around them, similar to a barrier, that would hold them in instead of out. Upon the act of this happening it would then, theoretically, fill up with gaseous reishi(which is the MATERIAL that Reiatsu is made of, Reiatsu being the force/power of it) and then cause an explosion within the "barrier", or sphere of reiatsu/reishi, and launch you backwards before the barrier shatters and explodes along with the force of the attack.

To limit the seemingly overpowered idea I created, perhaps (second) bankai ability would have a limited window of time in which it can be used upon being activated(transformed), and then a cooldown, rather than a limit on uses(though theoretically it may only be used once). As for the barrier portion, which seems like it would be unbreakable, perhaps it could have a limited input in relation to the person using it. (Example: Person with an RP level 17 vs RP level 6, Person with RP level 17 has this bankai/zan, and uses this skill. The barrier would be practically untouchable to the RP level 6. But if it were an RP level 17[Same person] vs RP level 20 with Bankai activated[The first person obviously had bankai activated to use this skill], then the person with RP level 20 may have -trouble- breaking it at first, but it would by no means be impossible or even very difficult.)
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