James Varga's Cross Zanpakuto

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James Varga's Cross Zanpakuto

Post  DJScias on Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:37 pm

This is for when James turns into an arrancar, Darwin told me to already post this thread before it happened just in case.

Resurrección Name: La diferente. (The Different)
Resurrección Call: Show me the difference,
Resurrección Type: Reishi-based

General Limitation: Due to the randomness of the concentration of energy in his body, he will occasionaly shoot ceros from other parts than he intended to shoot them, putting him at a disadvantage but also making it come over more real.

Before the release: The zanpakuto in its unreleased state looks like a silver necklace with a cross hanging on it, it usually hangs around his neck but when he takes it in his hand the power of his ceros from that one hand are more powerful and their speed is increased by a tiny bit while the charge time is a bit lessened.

Resurrección Activation Description: The silver necklace with a cross on it disappears slowly and while that happens a black tattoo in the form of a cross appears on his chest. The effect of his unreleased form (increased power of ceros, charge time decreased & speed increased) are stronger and he is not only limited to the place where he has the cross is at since he himself is the amplifier now.

Resurrección Appearance Description: His white outfit changes to a more colerful version just like the person in the image below is wearing. It is exactly the same as this one except a black cross tattoo is on his chest.
(Here should be the image Darwin has to input, look to Darwin's post underneath this one to see it.)

All the abilities summed up for quick-reference:

Unreleased Abilities:

+ Grants the following:
- Ceros are slightly more powerful.
- The ceros their speed are slightly increased.
- Ceros charge time is slightly reduced.

+ Limitation:
- This is only granted to the place he shoots his ceros from where the necklace with cross is at so it gives the amplifying effect.

Resurrección Abilities:

+ The cross on his body grants a stronger version of his unreleased state:
- Ceros are more powerful.
- The ceros their speed are increased.
- Ceros charge time is reduced.

+ Properties of the cross on his body:
- (Defensive) His hiero is a tiny bit stronger, this has to make up a bit for the decreased strenght due to his ressurecion.
- (Passive) His ceros do not require much effort to be shot, he can keep doing this for a long, long time.

+ Limitations:
- (Passive) His strength deters because his body becomes more focused on the use of reiryoku than strength.

Resurrección Enhancements : Cero-Enhancement (obviously), slight Sonido-Speed boost (this is very miminal, almost unnoticeable)

Segunda Etapa (Second Resurrection) Name: El Mismo (The Same)
Segunda Etapa Call: I have failed to differ myself,
Segunda Etapa Type: Defeat

Segunda Etapa Activation Description: The cross tattoo on his body would began to glow red, a sharp beam that looked like a cero would form in the middle of it and would explode onto himself. After the explosion clears the cross would have turned into a pentagram.

Segunda Etapa Appearance Description: His body was still the same, maybe a bit more pale but onto his chest had now formed a black tattoo in the form of a pentagram. He retains his first ress. clothing though, so he is still a colorful guy.

A small cross-like tattoo can also be found on his neck, paying homage to his unreleased form.

Segunda Etapa Abilities:

- (Passive) Retains enhanced versions of techniques/skills/abilities from his sealed and primary ress. states.

- (Defensive) His ceros have now gotten powerful enough to block and/or deflect most attacks by firing a cero at them.

- (Limitation) The strength loss he suffers is even higher now, he relies on the use of his ceros and other reiryoku-based abilities to keep himself in battle. A head-on battle would not put him out of the fight but severely damage his usefulness.

Segunda Etapa Enhancements: +1 Cero tier, noticable Sonido-Speed, Slight Hiero boost & Strength loss[b]

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Re: James Varga's Cross Zanpakuto

Post  Darwin Blake on Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:47 pm

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