My Custom bankai

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My Custom bankai

Post  Avainer on Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:26 am

As I've been allowed to use my OOC shikai(Ichinose) and the fact that it lacks a bankai, I thought I should create one for it.

This is just the skills being enhanced. Nothing new.

Bankai: Thou art kind, Laruie.

In Shikai -Ability to make Maki invisible to the naked eye, by surrounding him with light.
Ability given in Bankai- Ability to make Avainer invisible to the naked eye by surronding him with light. It is almost impossible to sense his Reiatsu when invisible. However, unlike in Shikai form, Avainer is unable to attack while invisible

Blinding Light:
In Shikai: Ability to create a large area of light around opponents, disrupting their visual perceptions, causing confusion and decreasing their chance to fight back against attack.
In Bankai: Skill is not changed.

Illusions: The light released from Laruie reigns over the dimensions that surround the opponent and alters them, thus creating this alternate dimension of light. His ability is to use this light to alter another's perceptions, allowing him to make his opponent see what he wants him to see.
In Bankai: Avainer is able to create more-real copys of himself. Sensing Reiatsu to find Avainer would be three times harder.

Blade of Light:
In Shikai- Dissolves his actual blade and replaces it with a blade made of pure light. If the blade is broken, it can completely cover it to allow the battle to continue. He can also create blades of light separate from his Zanpakuto, using them as projectiles to fire at his enemies.
In Bankai- Avainer can still create the Zanpaktous and change his Zanpaktou into a light one. However, when he changes it into a light one, he is able to do something new. The sword's ability to cut through Hieero/strong bodies is better. For example, if the user had tier 3 Strength, his Attacks with sword would be close to Tier 4 strength.

Saigyoku Nijigasumi
Saigyoku Nijigasumi (彩玉虹霞, Swallowing Orb of Rainbow Mist):
In Shikai - Causes a multitude of twinkling lights to appear, which then form together around an opponent, creating a huge sphere which engulfs everything within a significant radius. Anyone within that radius will potentially get caught in it. Immediately following that, the sphere collapses in on itself, using the compressed light to crush everything within it. Only a strong enough spiritual pressure can push back and destroy this power. [RP lvl 10+ To break it in Shikai. If 8+, they'll be wounded. If less, heavily wounded. No killing crushing.]

In Bankai- Same Ability; however, RP Lvl 14+ to break it. If less than 5, it kills them. If less than 7 strong wounding. If less than 11, normal wounding.

Shikai Abilities all taken from -
I've nerfed Saigyoku due to it being really op, even in Shikai form! clown

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Re: My Custom bankai

Post  Darwin Blake on Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:29 am

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