Andrea's Custom Zanpakuto

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Andrea's Custom Zanpakuto

Post  DreaCupcake on Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:37 pm

Call: Pierce and cut through

Name: Kasui

Sealed State: In the Sealed state, the Zanpakuto appears as four separate blades. Two being Katana, One a No-Dachi, and the other a Wakizashi. I'm planning to only wield two at a time, my character basis is a blade master. All four weapons have a purple hilt and a elven star guard.

Shikai Appearance: The blades form into one single weapon, one with a wider blade, about four times the width of the average Katana, and the blade turns purple in hue.

Shikai Ability: The blade can create three copies of itself, of just the blade. The three copies levitate through the air and can be controlled on command seperately. They are connected via a powerful reiatsu chain to the guard of the main blade, if this chain is somehow cut, the extra blade form back into the main blade.

Bankai Appearance: Similiar to the Shikai appearance but now there are two blades, twice the size they were before, connected by a visible chain. The Bankai form can generate six extra blades on each guard, for a grand total of twelve extra blades, all command-able at will.
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Re: Andrea's Custom Zanpakuto

Post  Darwin Blake on Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:41 pm

Nice and simple. Approved.
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