KIDOULESS Rules + Trait system [posting for Amelia]

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KIDOULESS Rules + Trait system [posting for Amelia]

Post  Avainer on Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:25 am


1) Do not lollearn bankai or Shikai. RP with Amelia for it.
2)Do not spend the whole time in Shinigami mode. STAY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IN HUMAN BODY. You can leave to train; however pick a safe spot.
3) Do not be an idiot.

The stat system will consist of 3 skills, each having 4 tiers of focus.


Tier 1 - Will be extremely, very very slow. You will have to make use of other techniques and strategies to remain alive, definitely not your speed. With full training with a captain, you can reach the level of a moderate shunpo, or novice sonido.

Tier 2 - Will be the same speed of a basic sonido, also tier 2, and without a significant power difference. With enough training, may become faster than a basic sonido, but still slower than an experienced one.

Tier 3 - Will be naturally equal to an expert sonido, surpassing the level of an expert shunpo, and can be trained to surpass that level -SLIGHTLY-. However, will still be slower than a trained up expert sonido.

Tier 4 - Required for Onmitsu Shunpo and Unnamed Clone Shunpo . Will naturally be faster than expert Sonido though slower than master sonido, with training may surpass master sonido slightly, but will be significantly slower than a trained tier 4 sonido.

NOTE: Each 5 RP levels of difference between the shinigami and the foe, will count as a tier, meaning. If you have tier 3, and are fighting a arrancar with expert sonido, 5 RP levels above, you will be slower than them.


Tier 1 - You are made of glass, get hit and you shatter into tiny pieces. Normal human's level of toughness.

Tier 2 - Ok, not so soft, you can tank low-level attacks, COMPARATIVELY. This means, if you are fighting someone of your own level, their weak-mild attacks will have trouble seriously damaging you. However, if you are fighting someone over your level, the higher they are the more stamina it will take to endure.

Tier 3 - You will be quite tougher than a normal person, you will be able to block weak attacks of non strength arrancar easily mild attacks wont damage you much, and strong attacks will have a somewhat reduced damage(read: Below tier 3 strength) while being cut by a strength based foe (read: tier 3 or above) will be equivalent to having a tier 2 endurance. You will only be able to tank weak attacks and mild attacks will have reduced damage.

Tier 4 - Zaraki level, You take pain like a beast and shrug it off, only the strongest attacks will cause effect. Normal attacks will have reduced damage on you, even when delivered by a tier 4 strength foe, you will withstand almost any kind of injury without being incapacitated. You will be more susceptible to attacks if the foe is 5 RP levels, or more, above you.

Note: If the person is 10 RP levels above, the tier increase effect will be of 2.5x.


Tier 1 - Not very useful for battle, wont match strength based foes unless 5+ RP levels above them and only a 1 tier difference, weak but not null.

Tier 2 - Normally strong for an shinigami, will have a mildly strong character, will match most arrancar, unless strength based, not too overpowered by tier 3.

Tier 3 - Will surpass most foes in battle, equals to strength based, overpowers completly if 5+ RP levels.

Tier 4 - Will overpower most opponents, easily matching those that are strength based, but will not be unbeatable physically, still can be matched. Your basically a god damn Kenpachi. Your ability to cut through low level hierro will be like a knife through butter.

The system will work this way, if a stat increases another has to decrease.

All tiers start at 1, and you get 6 points to spend, meaning you can have:

Endurance :4

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Kowalski Bind

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:00 am

Strength: 3
Endurance: 2
Shunpo: 4
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Post  Harada, Haru on Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:13 pm

Strenght : 2
Shunpo : 4
Endurance : 3

Harada, Haru
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Re: KIDOULESS Rules + Trait system [posting for Amelia]

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