Michaêl Fenmour's Resurrección

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Michaêl Fenmour's Resurrección

Post  Darwin Blake on Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:43 am

Resurrección Name: El Solitario (The Solitary)
Resurrección Call: Why can’t I remember you,
Resurrección Type: Reishi-based

Resurrección Activation Description: Fenmour's shadow, wherever it may be, rises off the ground and forms a triangular prism around him that doesn't allow anyone to see what's happening inside. After a few moments, it fades away.

Resurrección Appearance Description: Fenmour's Zanpakuto, which is made out of a special kind of Sekkiseki known as "Blancano" (blocks the reiryoku of soul reapers), is now a long, black-tinted rifle/sniper-like gun that resembles Starrk's pistols, just with a much longer barrel, has sights, etc. The remnant of his mask (refer to Starrk's) dissapears. His arrancar uniform experiences a few changes, including a gray, fur-like material that covers his forearms and legs. A red cross-like symbol appears on his uniform, right above his heart. Ankle-high black boots cover his feet, along with black gloves on his hands. The jet of green hair upon his head is now combed down and a few strands hang over his face.

Resurrección Abilities:

+ Fenmour's gun has three firing modes:
- Marunos: Think machine-gun-esque firing rate. Shoots balas that are 100(+) times faster than the average cero, but are very weak.
- Necurdos: Sniper. Shoots a single Bala per shot, which is about 50 times faster than the average cero, and is just as strong as a normal Bala.
- Olitres: Similar to Starrk's pistols. Ceros shot via his gun are considerably more powerful and have a ridiculously short charge time.

+ Properties of Fenmour's gun:
- (Defensive) Just like his sealed Zanpakuto, it's made out of blancano and can be used as a rudimentary, weak shield against incoming Kido and such.
- (Passive) It can shoot an infinite number of rounds as long as Fenmour is ressed.

+ Other:
- (Passive) Fenmour can absorb his own reiryoku back into himself while ressed... meaning that he can't hurt himself with his own ceros/balas/etc.
- (Passive) If a fellow Arrancar has released their Zanpakuto and yet finds themself wounded too far wounded to return to their sealed state, Fenmour has the ability to use his own reiryoku to force-seal their Zanpakuto with a simple touch. It only works if the Arrancar is either injured/damaged critically or is several RP Levels below Fenmour.

Resurrección Enhancements : Cero-Enhancement, slight Sonido-Speed boost

Segunda Etapa (Second Resurrection) Name: Ladrón De La Noche (Thief of the Night)
Segunda Etapa Call: Give me the heart that death took away from me so long ago,
Segunda Etapa Type: Sorrow

Segunda Etapa Activation Description: A column of blue & black reishi particles would burst from the ground immediately after Fenmour had finished the incantation. It would consume him and anyone within two meters of him. As the column fades to reveal his new form, it begins to rain.

Segunda Etapa Appearance Description: Now, Fenmour begins weaponless. The gray fur-like material would appear to have thinned out slightly, and wasn't as ruffled. It would now cover his shoulder and groin area. His gloves and boots would have melted away, extending so that almost all of the skin on his hands, feet, arms, and legs were now black with a tint of blue. The rest of his body was the pale skin tone of a hollow, as opposed to how his skin looks like that of a human/soul reaper when he's sealed/gone under only his first ress.

Upon Fenmour's face would be a mask, which would be covered in a unique swirl of dark blue. The eye-holes wouldn't show Fenmour's eyes from the outside, nor would the hollow hole proudly displayed in the center of his chest reveal anything but a black hollowedness.

Segunda Etapa Abilities:

- (Passive) Retains enhanced versions of techniques/skills/abilities from his sealed and primary ress. states.

- (Defensive/Offensive) Fenmour can form a variety of weapons and object with his own reiryoku and the reishi within the environment around him.

- (Passive) When a Zanpakuto/spirit weapon/etc. comes into contact with his body, it's reiryoku begins to drain into Fenmour. The amount depends on the difference in power between the victim and Fenmour and how long contact is maintained.

Segunda Etapa Enhancements: +1 HSR Tier, noticable Sonido-Speed & Strength boost

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Re: Michaêl Fenmour's Resurrección

Post  Nier on Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:43 pm


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