Jene's custom Resureccion.

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Jene's custom Resureccion.

Post  Nier on Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:22 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Guadaña

Zanpakutou Call: Reciprocate

Segund Etapa Name: Malísimo Guadaña

Zanpakutou Type: Speed (mainly to make up for her lack of speed)

Ressureccion Abilities

Difuminar Pisar (Blur Step): Using this ability she can almost instantly move herself to a new location. Her body will blur out of focus for a moment before moving. However the weakness is that she can only move in a straight line and she cannot use it to dodge attacks (So no lol dodging). She cannot move through solid objects that includes people.

Todopoderoso Barrido (Alimghty Sweep): Using her scythe she will perform a sweeping attack, this will have slightly enhanced physical strength than her usual attacks and the attack will also extend a small piercing shockwave.

Passives: Improved speed.

Resureccion Qualities: Jene's normal appearance is that or a silver haired female arrancar. Her 'Mask' is located on her right hand and it completely encases her little finger with a small boney trail traveling down the side of her wrist. When she enters Resureccion the bone will expand completely covering her wrist up to her elbow though still leaving the 'mask' on her littler finger unnafected. Her Zanpakuto will Also transform into a large black traditional scythe, the haft will be slightly longer than her body with a large sharp blade.

Segunda Etapa Abilities

Jene keeps all the abilities gained from Resureccion with no improvements.

Enloquecedor Vaciar (Splitting void): An ability in which Jene will swing both he scythes with all her strength. The immediate area she swings at will quite literally split. However the effect on enemies depends on their RP level and even then it would not instantly kill them if they get hit. (Only used with vertical swings)

Latir Agitar (Pulse Wave) - Jene will once again swing both her Scythes, this time creating a huge shock wave capable of blowing away all but the strongest of enemies. (Only used with horizontal swings)

Segunda Etapa Passives: +1 To Strength tier and noticeable speed increase.

Segunda Etapa Qualities: Jene Gains a second scythe and the bone on her arm extends to cover her chest and her other arm. She will also grow Shadowy wings from her back, they will hold no substance but only assume the shape of wings.

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Re: Jene's custom Resureccion.

Post  Darwin Blake on Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:42 pm

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