Masashi Itoshiro's Custom Ress

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Masashi Itoshiro's Custom Ress

Post  Azorico on Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:42 pm

Resurrección Name: Kokongo Butsuyoku(Eternal Greed)

Resurrección Call: Be mine

Resurrección Type: Aspect of Greed (Manipulation/Absorption)

Resurrección Appearance: Masashi's skin is covered with hollow bone resembling an armor, a helm shaped as a wolverine's skull covers his head and the upper half of his face, large fangs replace his canines. The hollow hole in his chest expands and his eyes become ice cold pale green.

Zanpakuto appearance: A mix between two weapons, a double edged battleaxe completly black on one edge and golden on the other at one end of it and at the other end a pike, colored like the handle which is black, trimmed with golden paterns.

Resurrección Abilities

Metástase del Demo - Masashi's left arm turns to a massive extensible tongue. Upon physical contact the tongue infects the area it touches, leaving a black mark shaped like Masashi's hollow mask. This mark, using the victim's own energy, corrupts the area it touches and eventually takes over the opponent's will(allows Masashi to control the actions of the infected limb/bodypart) if that same mark is touched by the tongue once more(Takes one turn to be able to fully take over the area). Alternatively the mark can be left untouched and spreads to other parts of the body, eventually covering it whole(2 turns to spread to other areas, 4 turns to cover the whole body). It can be disadvantageous because it occupies an arm and the tongue is softer than regular skin, making it useless for defence purposes while being wielded. The tongue is lifeforce based. (This technique is very demanding when trying to control the opponent's action and as such he can only hold one bodypart for 5 turns, two for 4 turns and three up to the whole body for 2 turns, 3 under special conditions such as boosts to reiatsu)

Sed de Poder - Masashi's double edged axe possesses a different ability per edge. Masashi is able to trigger these abilities at will, when active both edges emit a faint glow, growing brighter as it feasts. The black edge severs the ties of flesh and earth(organic and mineral) and consumes them, the golden edge the ties of energy(all sorts) and consumes it aswell. Using the pike at the other end of the weapon Masashi can stab himself, transferring all the absorbed contents to himself, which temporarly boosts his regeneration, strength, defence and reiatsu depending on what was absorbed, this causes the pike to glow aswell.

Muerto Viviente(To be used only at roleplay level 12) - Through direct contact and by fully exposing himself Masashi slowly(3 turns) consumes a living marked opponent(Can be marked anywhere), provided he is unable to resist due to severe injury or being under full/partial control, gaining all his abilities, althought they must be mastered afterwards(easier if seen) and reiatsu/lifeforce. Alternatively this ability can be used to consume a corpse, althought the longer the corpse has been void of life the least reiatsu/lifeforce it gives. This process can't be stopped, requires focus and Masashi's full regenerative abilities, leaving him with nothing but hierro to defend himself. (This ability can only be used once an IC month, equivalent to an OOC day as, althought he can immediatly take advantage of the extra energy/lifeforce it grants him, it takes about that long for the body to balance itself out)

Able to use all abilities gained through Muerto Viviente as long as he Ic'ly trains them.
Hierro Boost - Masashi receives a great boost to his strength.
Reg Boost - Masashi regenerative ability is greatly enhanced.
Speed Boost - Masashi becomes much faster.

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Re: Masashi Itoshiro's Custom Ress

Post  Darwin Blake on Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:20 pm

Your first and third/last abilities are to require a great amount of reaitsu to perform and maintain. Also, for your first ability, you must define what it means when you 'take over'. Finally, for your last ability, you must increase the time it takes to devour someone. If they are considerably stronger than you then, even if they are marked, they should have a chance to escape.
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