Daiben Chisou Custom Ress (New Version)

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Daiben Chisou Custom Ress (New Version)

Post  swepty on Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:46 pm

I couldn't organise my skills points to in a way that made this work, so i'm changing to suit my new plans. Basically, cero is going to be main focus, with strength kind of at the side...Also adding to the description.

Ressurecion Name: Mico Rey (Monkey King, Inventive right? Very Happy)

Ressurecion Call: Rampage

Ressurecion Type: Amplifier

Description : Hollow mask, now covers the complete upper half of his face, stopping just above his mouth,(Mask looks like a monkey skull in case you couldn't guess..)His hair is no longer tied into a ponytail and hangs loose to just above his waist. Hollow bone armor covers his entire body, except his face and leaving the chest open. Has a monkey tail made of hollow bone as well, which is spiked (It's detachable, and works like a bo staff when taken off) at the end and is used as his weapon, when not using his fists. Red markings on his lower cheeks change depending on the skill he is in (You'll see in a second)

(In between switching between abilities, his eyes grow red and his markings change)
(Changed this so)

Drunken Monkey - He waddles, takes faltering steps and occasionally falls over, not really taking any stance. Pretty much a drunken fist, fires ceros in arcs at an opponent, In this stance, he can fire ceros from both his hands and his mouth, with a total of 3 being able to fire at once and can be fired at in reasonable quick succession, the ceros are about 1/3 of their normal strnegth, but the amount of them and the fact they are arcing make it difficult to avoid all of them. (Appears as swirls on his cheek.)

Stone Monkey - Slams his fists into the ground and creates a reiatsu shield to defend him from attacks(Shield strength depends on cero tier), while in the shield, he will be charging a cero so that when the shield is put down or broken, he fire the cero at his opponent. Cero does about 1.5x damage if fully charged. Is vulnerable to attack after the shield is gone and the cero is fired, as he has his fists lodged into the ground, his maneuverability limited. (Appears as a solid circle on his cheeks)

Standing Monkey - He stands up straight, both hands pointing straight at his opponent, his right hand slightly further forward. In this state, his fires small blasts of concentrated ceros, which only travel a short distance (About double his arms length) using both his hands. (Cero can only be fired from his hands in this state.) The ceros do about 1.2x more damage then his normal cero attacks do. (Appears as vertical lines on his cheeks)

Wooden Monkey(Changed this one completely, but it's still probably his strongest. This state can only be used once per resurrecion activation.) - Removes his tail and uses it as a Bo staff, spiked at one end to work well at damaging his opponent, can fire his ceros from either end of his staff, they are normal strength but can be fired quite quickly. His strongest cero attack is done in this state, spinning the staff at fast speeds, while creating two cero's at either end, the high speeds cause the cero's to merge doubling its power, firing the cero causes the bo staff to break and is unusable for the rest of his resurrecion and the skill leaves him quite tired.

Changed it quite a bit, also removed one of the stances, because I couldn't think of anything to do with it. But i did come up with a segunda etapa idea!

Segunda Etapa -

Description - Looks quite similar to his first form, his hands have gauntlets, which boost the damage of his ceros. His feet also gain strnage boots, increasing his speed greatly (Increase in tier point to sonido) and is emitting red reiatsu from his heels. The tip of his tail now also seems to glow with ball of red reiatsu. His hair has grown longer, know reaching down to his knees. The fangs on his mask have gotten longer, and his eyes now constantly glow red through the mask.

If wooden monkey has been used, he regrows his tail. Wooden monkey cannot be used when using seguna etapa. His segunda allows him to fire another cero from his tail in each state, so :
Drunken Monkey - Fires 4 cero (Hands, Mouth and Tail)
Stone Monkey - Fires 2 cero (Mouth and Tail)
Standing Monkey - Fire 3 cero (Hands and Tail)

This form give a boost to cero, and increases sonido's tier by 1.

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Re: Daiben Chisou Custom Ress (New Version)

Post  Darwin Blake on Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:12 pm

Hm. Very strange, but unique. Approved.
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