Draka's Custom Resurrección & Segunda Etapa

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Draka's Custom Resurrección & Segunda Etapa

Post  Draka on Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:04 pm

Resurrección Name: Fumetsu rīpā (Immortal reaper)

Resurrección Call: Bring Silence

Resurrección Type: Aspect of Life and Death (Flesh manipulation / Energy decaying)

Resurrección Appearance:

Resurrección Abilities

Immortality: This ability allows me to simply put, manipulate my own body, softening/hardening/manipulating it at will into whatever shape or for whatever use required. Softening my body into a liquid like state, forming and hardening it into a new for to put up a example, even going as fare as turning into waves of energy, to manipulate as i please. This liquid form when softened or in it's energy like state, can reproduce and regenerate at my will. The Ability by no means makes me immortal, as the physical strain is applied to my body. However, the ability does allow me too overall decrease any damage upon my body, as well as no longer feel the pain of his damaged body.

The touch of Death: This ability enables Draka the ability to infuse the black energy forms of the the first ability, with additional physical power, as well as the effect to weaken, or if hitting much weaker forces completely deplete other forms of energy it comes into contact with (Reishi, heat, electricity, etc). The energy changes into the seeming appearance of marble red flames, as a result it's ability to weaken energies increases and the energy now infests the Reishi in the air with a spiritual weakening like effect, through radiation, covering a distance of several hundreds meters in a matter of seconds. Thus the space around Draka for several hundred meters, causes anyone inside to have there spiritual bodies, spirits (in the case they are humans) and powers weakened. (Every stat is weakened). Draka automatically forms a protective coating against this ability just inches over his skin, and is able to form a similar barrier around others through the Marble red flames or touch.

Cloak of Darkness: Draka can momentarily turn his body into a mass of black energy in the appearance of smoke, and then almost instantaneously move and reform, leaving no sound behind as he disappears and appears. Limited to 5 uses.

Passive: Increase to Speed and Defense


Segunda Etapa Appearance: The black sleeves lengthen over his hands, and a hood forms over his head, Draka's face shrouded in a black smoke that is slowly seeping out it's open front. The cloak extends to the ground, as Draka's body underneath it, becomes shrouded in a black smoke that hides his body. The scythe turns from bone white to complete black, the lines across the scythe's blade as well as the ball at it's end, will glow with a crimson red color.

Segunda Etapa Abilities

Flames of the Underworld: Draka's Resurrección abilities are available to him in this second form, but are also improved upon. The manipulation of Draka's body increases in speed, allowing him to let the manipulation take place almost instantly, allowing him to dodge attacks with more ease and for attacks made using it, to become harder to dodge and react too. The weakening effects of his second ability increases along with it's speed, allowing him to deplete even medium strength attacks and weaken stronger ones that comes in wake of the energy. It now allows him to not let the energy drained, no longer go to waste. Instead it gathers the stolen energy inside himself, causing a small increase to his stats and toughens his skin, varying on the number of those affected by the power. Also, it's powers now drain energy now powerfully then before, as well as causes the affected to more easily tire. Finally it increases the limitation of instantaneous movements to 7 uses.

Summoning of Heaven and Earth: Draka unleashes the two trapped souls within his body, giving them physical formed in shape of beings of pure marble red energy. Though draining him greatly to use, the two new bodies can use his abilities to there fullest.

Passive: Retains the speed and defense boost from Resurrección, as well as additional defense boost.

+1 to High Speed Regeneration Tier

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Re: Draka's Custom Resurrección & Segunda Etapa

Post  Darwin Blake on Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:11 pm

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