Resubmission of old shikai.

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Resubmission of old shikai.

Post  Avainer on Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:55 pm

IGN:Avainer Laref

Was already approved on here last wipe:

Shikai (+release): Vanish! Burendo!
Yure Suna(lit. Vibration Sand) The blade vibrates, as a result, sand appeared above the user. The sand transforms into a Shuriken that moves toward the target. If the target is hit, it does nothing. If the target avoids/stops/counters/Anything but take hit, they gain fatigue.
Yure Gensou (lit. Vibration Illusions) The Blade emits an ultra frequency wave that enters the foes creating one of 3 illusions depending on a command after the main.
Yure Gensou Tsuin (lit. Twin Vibration Illusion) This causes many replications to be made of the user, causing confusion and fatique
Yure Gensou Wana (lit. Snare Vibration Illusions) Ropes/Vines/Tentacles seeminly rise from the ground attaching themselves to the foe, causing them to struggle. This can only bee effectively used with the 3rd method.
Yure Gensou Kasai Wa (lit. Fire ring vibration illusion) This is best usd in succession with the 2nd method. If a person believes the illusion is real is will cause real damage. However if the foe knows it is an illusion, the attack shall do nothing.
Kihou Dosuu (lit. High Frequency) Emits a high frequency wave that can cause pain. The larger the foes Riatsu the more damage is caused.
Bankai: Burendo Itsumademo
Katana Appeareance: Shikai: Standard Katana is red, regtangular hilt.
Bankai: Resembles a sword used in fencing with a small sythe appendage at the end of the blade.
Bankai: Manipulation of Riatsu.
Naka Yabureme (lit. Inside Tear) Katana Blade vibrates at a high speed, much like a bat signal. These waves are slowly absorbed by the foe, which contain a Riatsu repelant. Once the name of the move is spoken Riatsu is repeled from the body at high speed causing it to rip through the flesh causing both major interal and external injuries.

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Re: Resubmission of old shikai.

Post  Darwin Blake on Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:01 pm

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