Jene's custom Resureccion.

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Jene's custom Resureccion.

Post  Nier on Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:34 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Oscurecer (Obscure/Shadow/Darken)

Zanpakutou Call: Deviate

Zanpakutou Type: Shadow

Res Abilities

Ability 1 - The shadow substance will be capable of transforming almost any close range weapon as long as there is enough shadow to make it.

Ability 2 - She will be able to use the shadow to cover a single body part, such as her arm or her leg. The strength of an attack from the covered area will increase. The defense will also increase but only very slightly.

Ability 3 (once mastered and RP 12) - She will be able to completely cover her body in the shadow greatly increasing her fundamentals and decreasing her visibilty (whilst in the shadows) This ability puts a great drain on her reiatsu, therefore she can only hold it for up to 5 Rp's.

Passives: Speed and strength are increased slightly.

Res Qualities: Jene's upper shirt will completely vanishing leaving her in a long skirt, with a bone white carapiece covering her chest. Her back and stomach will be exposed. Her zanpakuto will change into a shadowy substance that will float around her body.


Segunda abilties

Whilst using Segunda Jene will have a +1 to her Sonido Tier and the smog available to her will double. All her abilties from her resureccion will still be available. Ability 3 of her resureccion can now be held indefinetly.

Calina Robar (Smog steal): Jene will begin to pull smog from surrounding shadows until there are no surroundings left, this can effectively quadruple the amount of smog she can use.

Ciento Aspa (Hundred blade): This can only be used in conjunction with Calina Robar, Jene will use all the smog she has to create up to 100 bladed weapons. She cannot fight with every single blade although she can make them rain from the sky at a large expense of reiatsu.

Oscurecer Asgard (Shadow Asgard): Can only be used in conjuction with Calina Robar, Jene will gather all the smog into a tidal wave which she will then slam into her opponent. The smog will have a corroding effect on the enemies, even damaging Shinigami with high endurance. This will deplete large amounts of reiatsu, as such it can only be used 2-3 times.

Sombra Término (Shadow end): Jene can use this at any point during her Segunda, she will absorb the smog into her own body causing her demeaner to become darker. Like this she will be much faster and much stronger (Similar to ability 3 of her resureccion) However the increase in her powers are so great that her body cannot physically handle it, therefore she can only use it for 3 Rp's whilst still being able to move afterwards, with 5rp's she will be un able to move and any more than that and she will die.

Passives: Jene has very slight increased speed, strength and Hierro.

Segunda Qualities: Jene's Chest piece will turn completely black and she will grow black bone wings from her back. The chest piece will also expand to make it seem as if she is wearing black bone armor.

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Re: Jene's custom Resureccion.

Post  Darwin Blake on Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:41 pm


Approved with Segunda.
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