Andrea's Custom Ress

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Andrea's Custom Ress

Post  DreaCupcake on Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:10 pm

Ress name: Zorro (Fox)

Ress call: Scream

Ress type: All-around

Base form appearance: typically colored white short shorts, black knee-high boots. Shoulderless sport-bra-like thing with sleeves that go up the arms to the middle of the Biscep, Hollow hole being 2 CM in diameter, residing in the upper middle of chest. Green eyes

Zanpakuto appearance: Slight shorter than a standard No-Dachi, Ivory-shade blade, dark-purple hilt, seven pointed(Elven) star guard.

Ressureccion appearance: A five tailed, anthromorphic Fox(Only part of the head that is fox-like is the ears, razor sharp claws on both hands and feet, both hands and feet have black,cloud like fluff on ankles and wrists, moving with the non-existant wind. Everything but the fluff is purple up to the neck where the face remains normal for the most part. The tails are about three meters long each.

Ressureccion abilities: Each of the tails can do one of four things; fire it's own unique Cero; spawn blades from the tips or create a blue flame-looking reiatsu bomb that locks onto a target and fires off in the direction of the target, the bombs can also sit idly until commanded to do something. The final thing they can do is act as a shield. The tails can only perform 2 of the 4 abilities at once.

Only one ability active per tail, no one tail can shoot ceros and bombs at the same time, but one tail can shoot ceros while the rest make bombs, or one can have a blade and the rest shoot ceros.

Ceros are much more powerful, strength is slightly increased, sonido is a bit faster, and hierro is a bit more enduring than before.

Segunda Etapa appearance: Similar to the first appearance, only now the entire body is black and the hollow mask returns to cover the top portion of the face, leaving only the area under the nose exposed, eye color is changed to a golden orange. The tail tips are lit on a blue fire and so are the furrs around the ankles and wrists, there are nine tails, increased in length to five meters.

Segunda Etapa abilities: Similiar to the Ressureccion, the Ceros are stronger and the blades on the tails are sharper and longer, and the bombs that can be created now home onto the target until the hit into something, the tails can now use all four functions at one time, still limited to one function per tail. The class on the hands and feet are now suited better.

Segunda Etapa Tier Enhancement: +1 High Speed Regeneration

EDIT:Simply edited base form appearance

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Re: Andrea's Custom Ress

Post  Darwin Blake on Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:13 pm

Approved unless Tensa wishes to limit Segunda Etapa to her Vastocarrs.
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