Hani's / Spectra's custom release application.

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Hani's / Spectra's custom release application.

Post  Cuntwaffle on Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:22 pm

Ress Name: Shi no ichigeki (Death's blow)

Ress Call: Sorera o gekitsui. (Shot them down.)

Ress Type: Ranged both long and short, fast.

Base form appearance: Regular Arrancar uniform, 6 inch diameter Hollow hole in the shoulder, messy brown hair, blue eyes.

Zanpakuto appearance: Standard-length katana. Doubled-dented guard.

Ressureccion appearance: Hani's clothes changes into a white-gray cloak, fur appears around his neck and shoulders, he summons a black pistol-like gun while still keeping his Zanpakuto in his left hand. When Hani is in the air, it's almost as if he hovers, instead of jumping/walking.

Ressureccion advantage: Hani becomes able to clash with his opponents sword, while being able to almost fire off ceros instantly with his right hand due to the gun. Ceros are much more powerful, strength is slightly increased, sonido is a bit faster, and hierro is a bit more enduring than before.

Ressureccion disadvantage: Until Hani have mastered this, using a massive amount of ceros will drain his reiatsu quite fast.


Zen'nō no kuchiku-kan (Almighty destroyer) - This ability allows Hani to absorb his sword into his gun, by doing this Hani's gun will send out ceros triple their power, size and speed. Though using this ability will double the reiatsu he loses each shot.

Kuikkuburō (Quick Blow) - This ability allows Hani to divide his gun's cero power by two, but doing this will increase the cero's speed and decreasing his charging time, almost causing his ceros to become instantly fired. (Activating this ability turns Hani's gun's color into a white-gray color.)

Sero o jūden (Charging cero) - This ability allows Hani's gun to charge up an cero, the longer he is charging, the more power is released. When Hani is charging, he have to stand still, until right before he shots, and that is where he will use his "sonido" to gain distance and then fire his charged cero. (-Charging time is doubled with Almighty destroyer on-)

Segunda Etapa appearance: Almost the same as before, but Hani's coat changes to the color of black as his sword transforms into an second gun, Hani mutates angel-like wings, the color of the wings will be pure white.

Segunda Etapa abilities: Same as before, only difference is that his ceros have become quite stronger, and his speed in the air is increased due to his wings. He is now able to shot two ceros at the exact same time.

Segunda Etapa Tier enchantment: +1 HSR

// Edit: Changed Segunda Etapa Tier Enchantment to HSR instead of Cero.

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Re: Hani's / Spectra's custom release application.

Post  Nier on Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:28 pm


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