Noctis' Custom Zanpakuto Application

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Noctis' Custom Zanpakuto Application

Post  warp11 on Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:43 am

Zanpakutou Name: Ex: Kanotari

Zanpakutou Call Ex: Crackle and Electrify

Bankai Name: Ex: Kame no Kanotari

Zanpakutou Type: Electric/Sound

Shikai Abilities-

Ability 1 - Can coat my blade in electricity allowing it to numb anything it cuts and increase cutting power. On the downside, when it cuts something the electricity burns the wound causing immediate cauterization and lessens the chance of the enemy bleeding out.

Ability 2- Gain the ability to fire electric charges from my zanpakuto. These blasts are powerful enough to vaporize weaker beings instantly, and at the very least burn and cause slight to powerful paralysis depending on the opponent.

Ability 3- I can turn my body into electricity(lightning) as a means of faster travel as well as way to avoid damage. Maximum of 5 uses per battle for approximately 5-7 seconds each. Can also coat my body in electricity for a slight defense boost.

Ability 4- Sonic booms are also emitted from the zanpakuto when I hit things with the hilt. These booms do not cause damage but are powerful enough to deafen anything within its immediate range for about 4 seconds and can even send out shockwaves, knocking things away from him.

Shikai Qualities: Increase in Speed and Strength. Zanpakuto has a change in shape, the blade grows outward, becoming a bit longer and a groove is etched into it, with a lightning bolt running down it. The tip of the blade also splits into two giving it a slight 'v' shape.
Bankai Abilities

Ability 1 - Same electric charge ability as shikai but more powerful. Lengthens the ammount of time that a body part stays numb once pierced to about 12 seconds, rendering it very difficult to maneuver or even move.

Ability 2 - Changes the very atmosphere causing a furious thunder storm. Can use the lightning and booming thunder of the storm to enhance his attacks, as well as hide himself in the clouds, his reiatsu blending in with the natural electricity of the clouds.

Ability 3- Can use the storm to reign down a barrage of lightning down onto anything in range. Will vaporize just about anything that isnt protected by a shield or some other device and will severely damage if not break barriers and harm the people in them. The downside is this can only be used once maybe twice and afterwards leaves Noctis completely drained and almost helpless.

Bankai Qualities: Zanpakuto emits electricity as well as forms it around my body in a form of shield. Slight defence increase, Increased Strength and Defence boost from shikai
Your own appearance-Eyes turn red in any release shikai or bankai. In bankai, my black cloak gains a golden interior trim, as well as grows more ragged. My hair spikes up from the sheer ammount of reiatsu and electricity flowing through my body and I gain lightning bolt shaped pupils red pupils on a black sclera.

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Re: Noctis' Custom Zanpakuto Application

Post  Darwin Blake on Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:43 am

Considering that you're CC; Approved.
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